Hey, again!  I know I’ve been away for a while and I had the intention of writing a little something many times over the last few weeks.  But, then I didn’t. 

For many reasons, I guess.  A little writer’s block.  A little feeling unsure.  A little feeling shy.  A little feeling confused.  A little something that I can’t quite express in words.

I’ve been tumbling around a bit lately.  Like a tumbleweed.

It hasn’t been so comfortable, this tumbling.  It’s hard to know which way is up sometimes.  It’s hard to feel grounded, or even connected when the energy is bouncing all over the place and pressures and sensations are coming at you from all angles.

Because when I write my blog, I write from the inside, not the outside.

If I wrote about the outside, I’d write about how great everything is!  And it is!  I work at an awesome, beautiful yoga studio with fantastic colleagues and inspiring students.  I’m part of a wellness team with other really talented and gifted practitioners.  And, my clients are pretty-much the coolest people on the planet.  I love them and it’s a joy and an honor to work with them all.  I’ve done a few angel circles lately and working in group energy again is really fun.  So invigorating!  (So much so, I really can’t sleep after one…but it’s all good, so worth it!)  My angels love me and I have sweet, wonderful friends surrounding me.

But, I don’t write about the outside.  I write about the inside.  My journey.  My work.  I do it because I think that’s most real, I guess.

So… I’ve had a couple of cool thoughts lately that I thought I’d share.  Like about how sometimes we really welcome change and sometimes we resist it and fight it … even when we think we want it.  It can be tricky, can’t it?  Like at a traffic light.  If you’re in a hurry and the light changes red, it irritates you.  But, if you want to send a quick text to someone (safely), you welcome the red light.  Same event, very different reactions and feelings.  And, what about when you’re in a hurry, but you drop something on the floor — you really don’t want the red light, but you’re sort of glad it showed up…  You know, complicated feelings like that.  But, then later it seemed sort of obvious, so I didn’t share it.

Anyway, I tumble.

But, then the angels remind me that when you put an ordinary stone into a rock tumbler it comes out looking extraordinary — you can see all the beauty and uniqueness of the inner qualities of the stone where you couldn’t see it when it was dusty and rough.  [shrug]  So I get it.  We tumble sometimes to reveal what’s within us that can really shine the most beautifully.  I trust that they’re right — I know they are.  But, being in the tumbling still isn’t fun, is it?

If you’re tumbling too, I reach out my hand and heart to you.  If you’re already shining brilliantly, then I bask in your light. 

Within you, wherever you seem to be on the outside, is beauty beyond imagination.  Wisdom and brilliance.  Have courage to tumble, if you need to.  It’ll be worth it (the angels assure me — and I, in turn, assure you)!

Blessings and love today!  -Laura