It’s a new day and a new outlook.  My last post may have come through a little gloomy.  Sorry about that.  I’m not really gloomy.  Tumbly, but not gloomy.

I’ve been doing this “working on myself” thing for quite a while, and I’ve had times like this when my inner work takes me down rabbit holes, through fun-house mirror rooms, and bumping and tumbling around.  But, I’m good.  I know it’s part of the process and although I don’t *love* it, I accept it.  I’m working to be patient with it — the discomfort of it.  I think I wrote that before — the yin-yoga of it all.  Sitting still and breathing through the discomfort.

Just like with yin yoga, I know this discomfort is purposeful.  At the end of this will be ease and bliss (heehee — I just corrected a typo:  bless instead of bliss.  True, huh?)

Anyway… I can feel the end is coming, though I don’t know what that looks like.  And, we don’t sometimes.  We know *something* is going to happen — it *has* to.  But we don’t know what.  And, I suppose at the end of our lives, or from a very high perspective, the not-knowing is the fun part.  The excitement.  The sizzle of life.   (I try to keep that in mind as I sit still and breathe through the discomfort.)

The other night I was playing The Game of Life with my family and it was fun — I love boards games, I always have.  It was funny to see which of us took it all so seriously — who got stressed about being “poor”.  I couldn’t care less what happens in the game — it’s just a game.  There’s always next time, or last time, so who cares?  Just spin the numbers, move your car and see what happens.  I remember noticing that the last time we played my daughter won the game by suing me a half a dozen times and by winning the lottery almost as often.  Huh?  What a weird “life”.  This time there were still a fair number of law suits, but no one won the lottery — but two people found a buried treasure (really?).  Strange.

But, you guys, maybe that’s the thing.  It’s sometimes just simply “weird”, this life.  It’s just stuff.  Good to just move through it step by step.

As a novice student of A Course In Miracles, I do try to see life like that — like a game or a dream.  Not all the way real (even though it sure feels real, doesn’t it?).  It can provide some perspective and can ease some stress when you see it like that.  Maybe this time we’re “poor”, or we’re “lucky”, or we’re “in harmony” or we’re “tumbling”.

But, just do what you’re called to do in this moment — and it’s always love and forgive, grow and learn — and then the game changes, doesn’t it.  Loving and forgiving are enormously powerful forces — and if you do them right here, right now, about this thing — the situation *will* change.

It’ll seem miraculous — like finding a buried treasure.

Have fun … try not to take it all so seriously.  But, seriously forgive and love and keep stepping forward.

Love, love, love!