It’s all so interesting, this path of life.  Isn’t it?  Just when you think you’ve got something figured out, you learn something new.  You step a little further.

That’s what’s so cool about it all — we’re always evolving.  Always expanding.

It’s funny, though.  Sometimes when a new layer of growth appears, I reject it at first.  It seems foreign, or it requires giving up something that I like.  It seems painful, this new growth.

But, growth is inevitable, when you choose to live in the light.  Just like the little green shoots coming up from the dark soil in spring time.  If they’re in the sun, they’ll grow.  If they’re under a box, they’ll eventually die.

I encountered a surprising thing about myself the other day.  As it turns out, I’ve been lying to myself about something.  Hmmm…  I didn’t *think* I was lying.  In fact, I thought I was doing something good for myself.

To be specific, I have a favorite yoga practice that I love to do.  I feel so great when I practice this way.  It balances my body, calms my mind and lifts my spirit.  After I’m done practicing, I feel really connected to myself — all parts of myself.  I feel *great*!

Ah… how sneaky this all is…  As it turns out, I’ve been hiding in this great-feeling yoga practice!  I’ve been hiding from part of myself!  I felt I was taking good care of myself by doing yoga — and I was, believe me!  But, instead of allowing the grounding aspect of the practice to work, I by-passed that in favor of the upper-chakra lift and flight.  I was avoiding the message from my lower chakras in favor of the upper chakras.

So… God, the universe (and I) decided that it was time to address those things I was failing to look at.  So… I find myself with little aches and pains — that have arrived out of nowhere.  I did not hurt myself.  I did not strain myself (well, maybe a little shoveling all that snow we got the other day but nothing this bad).  And, yet, here I am, hurt — unable to do the very basic yoga postures in the practice without distracting discomfort.

And, God, the universe (and I) know how annoyed I get by this.  I don’t like this at all — I want my yoga!  But, I’ve *got* to sit still and be with myself and these things that I’d rather not look at.  I wish I could say that I act with patience and grace about this, but I don’t.  I get angry and disappointed.  And, I feel afraid of that “stuff” that I’ve ignored for too long.

But, I also know courage.  And, I *will* address these layers.  I *will* heal them energetically by being honest with myself and taking care of myself, setting boundaries and speaking truth.  And, my wrist and shoulder will eventually be comfortable again and I’ll practice again.

So … you too!  Try not to hide from yourself — you can’t hide forever and you’ll eventually find yourself.  You’re growing and evolving and reaching ever higher for the light… your light.  Don’t be afraid — it’s all good!  You’re loved and supported!  It’s all taken care of and you’re headed for great things.  Don’t worry if things surprise you once in a while — you’ll get where you’re headed.  Just keep going!  Just keep taking cues from your inner guidance and keep moving upward and onward!

Blessings on each foot fall!  Blessings on each in-breath and out-breath!  Love, love, love to you!