… and negative, toxic situations, people and relationships.

Whew!  It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s ick.

And, isn’t an election year the perfect time to see people at their worst?  All that rivalry and hate?  Spite and fear?  Sheesh!

Do your best to remember that you’re at your best when your actions and words spring from love and wisdom, not fear and attack.

Yes, if you want to do good in the world, do it!  Do it with all of yourself!  Do it with your heart and your hands.  Do it with wisdom and compassion.  Don’t fight about it — just do it.  If you need to stand tall, stand tall!  Your tallest!

If your motivation is to beat someone or to be more right than someone else, that’s probably only going to get you so far.  That’s not a solid foundation.  It would be like building scaffolding out of popsicle sticks.  It’s just not going to hold weight for very long.

Be motivated by your inner north star — let wisdom guide you.  Not fear.  Not drama.  Not hate.  Not anger.

Love, my friends.  Blessings surround you.