It stinks when things happen in our lives and we don’t know why they happen.  Sometimes it feels like the universe is just playing a wicked trick on us and we scream, WHY???

We look for the lesson, the growth opportunity.  We work to love it and forgive it.  We work to feel patience and submission.  We strive to find the beauty in it all.

And we do.

And yet … we still want to know: WHY???

Maybe we’ll find out someday, why this happened.  Maybe we won’t.  Maybe some mysteries are never solved in this lifetime (at least not to our satisfaction).  I’m sure there’s a very good reason for that … but still …

I’ve had a few of these things over the last few months and it’s all very uncomfortable and sometimes distressing.  (Of course, that’s probably because I’m trying to control things and I don’t fully trust that the Universe is going to deliver my greatest life to me.)

I’m working to allow what is, to be and what it to be, to be.  I’ve said before and I repeat: this is all like a very uncomfortable yin yoga posture.  I’m holding this space of release and surrender and it’s not always fun (it’s not always even satisfying…), but I know in my heart-of-hearts that this too shall pass and that my best life will unfold.

I’m doing what I can do:  I meditate, I do yoga, I ask for help when I need it and I look for messages from my guides.  The other day I saw 777 all day long!  (The message was that I’m on the right track, which is encouraging to hear.)  I also see a red-tailed hawk messenger whenever I need one most, and that helps ground me and center me.

So, I’m doing fine, I’m doing the right things, but I still want to know WHY???

Maybe once I stop asking why, the answers will come…  hmmm…