Just wanted to remind you of that today.

Lately I’ve worked with a couple of amazing people and the imagery and messages that their angels pass along are truly breath-taking!  I’m so lucky to be able to see what the angels see in you.

You’re amazing!  You’re beautiful!

Please begin to see that within yourself.  Own your greatness so that you can share it and help other people unlock their own greatness.

Don’t you love being around people who are in the flow of life?  Who are full of joy and who make you feel better just by being in the same room?

Me too!

Sometimes the angels show up so softly — so sweetly.  Like a whisper and a gentle embrace.

Sometimes they come in like a spotlight or a geyser — full of power and effect.  Sometimes they pull in the edges of the universe and wrap it all around us like a parachute.  The stuff they show me … the magnificence of it all is utterly beyond words.  And, it’s SO COOL!

YOU are so cool!

The other day I was remembering one of the very first angel experiences I had.  It was back in Colorado not too long before I moved.  I had recently learned some big truths — and integrating them was really hard work.  I had to overcome limiting beliefs, I had to challenge myself and I had to persevere.  It’s hard to change a habit, isn’t it?

Anyway, during one meditation I was climbing a steep mountain.  I was working hard, being mindful of each step and hand placement.  I was getting exhausted by the ascent.  But, I was also exhilerated that I was able to make it so far up!  At last, I made it to the very top and was greeted by Sophia in the form of Quan Yin and she welcomed me with open arms and a full smile.  She was the image of love and support.  I was amazed to see her — and I was so proud of myself for reaching the very top of the mountain!  I had arrived!  I was finished!  I climbed to the very top!  And here was Sophia to welcome me and congratulate me!  It was the coolest moment.

Until I looked beyond her and saw that the climb wasn’t just this one peak — it was a whole mountain RANGE!  In the distance I could see a glimmery castle, which looked like it was made of polished stone or crystal.  Magnificent.

Yet, I had only climbed my very first mountain.  I had so much further to go.  In that instant, I felt like I really had accomplished nothing.  There was nothing to celebrate at all.

But then, Quan Yin/Sophia took me into her lap and held me like a little child.  She stroked my face and my hair and I felt so loved, so cared for.  It ocurred to me that I was sitting in the lap of Wisdom herself and I could ask her anything!  I wanted to know everything!  I looked up into her eyes and in that moment of connection, I realized that there was nothing I needed to know — everything would be shared with me when the time was right, but at that moment I needed rest more than anything.

And, I drifted off to sleep.

I think I’ve climbed a few more peaks since then.  They’ve all been hard work and I haven’t always been met by Sophia or Quan Yin, but I’ve always been met with a truly significant experience.  And, I keep going.  I’m not stopping … no way.  I’m going to make it all the way to the castle, my friends! 

And, so will you!  No matter where you are on the climb, you’ll get there.  Just stay focused, just stay strong.  Remember to meditate or pray — whatever you like to call it.  However you like to do it.  Connect with your source — God, Universe, Higher Self, whatever.  Just remember that heaven wants you to succeed!  Heaven is your greatest fan! 

You can do it — you’re awesome!