Well… funny thing.  I just finished writing a really long blog on my experience in a Cherokee sweat lodge and although my draft was saved, the post totally vanished.  No trace of it…

I guess I have to accept that my thoughts on the whole thing were meant for me to keep to myself.

Okay, I respect that.

But, can I publically thank Grandmother Owl for being with me and making her presence known in the third round of prayer?

Can I thank Rabbit for carrying away fear after fear after fear during the second round?

Can I share that one of the coolest parts was when Cedar Woman sprinkled cedar crumbles on the hot stones and they sparkled?

Can I share how bright the full moon was when we emerged from the lodge at the end?

Can I share that my body was raining?  That I was Water itself?

We’ll see… I’m going to post this now and if *it* disappears, then I’ll know that my experiences are for me to hold in my heart alone.

I’ll tell you, though, that my experience was beautiful and one that holds so many vivid sights, sounds and smells that I’m sure I will never forget it.

Blessings and deep thanks.