I told a lie yesterday.  You might say it was a little white lie, you might not.

A while back I read an article about enlightened relationships and one takeaway from that article was that as we evolve toward our highest expression, our relationships change too.  Lying won’t be possible anymore because everyone will be able to read each other’s energies and a lie would be immediately exposed.  Relationships are moving toward transparency.

Telling the truth has always been really important to me.  Growing up, if I ever lied, I was always exposed — I never got away with it.  I quickly learned it’s just better to tell the truth.

And I do.

Well, for the most part.

I’ll own that I don’t always tell the *whole* truth — I might leave something hurtful out.  And, I’m diplomatic and I try to be gentle.

But, yesterday I told a conscious lie.  And, as I told it I looked the person in the eye and told her energetically that we both knew I was lying.

Why did you do that, Laura?  Why not just tell the truth if energetically you owned your lie?

Well, because that person and I are not in vibrational alignment.  The truth would have caused chaos and drama — and maybe would have felt like violence to the other person.  This person has a carefully-constructed illusion and the truth would have caused damage.

Was I enabling this person?  Yes.  But, she wasn’t looking for healing.  She wouldn’t have been open to it.

So, I lied.  And, realizing that lying isn’t in vibrational alignment with myself, I see that I need to separate myself from that situation.

We can’t fix everything and everyone, but we don’t need to do damage either.  To them or to ourselves.

I don’t recommend lying — it’s not good for us.

I do recommend healing ourselves of the need to create illusions instead of dealing with reality.  I do recommend being honest with ourselves so that we can accept truth when it arrives.

Sending blessings to all situations where truth isn’t as clear as it could be.  ((( love )))