I just finished up a really great conversation with a very good friend.  It felt so good to be with her!

She’s an amazing person in many, many ways and her perspective means the world to me.  I wish that I could see her in person and be near her, but I’m really grateful that I’m able to connect with her by phone and Skype.

It’s really important to have a support network — people who know you and love you.  People you can exchange the experience of living with.

You get what you give, though.  If you hold yourself back, never offering yourself up to other people, you will miss opportunities for connection.

I get it — it’s scary to put yourself out there.  It’s vulnerable.  You might look weak.  You might look like you don’t have it all together.  Someone might hurt you or judge you. (pssst… that’s your ego talking)

But you can’t know love without an open heart.  Sure.  Yes, it’s vulnerable.  And, not everyone is gentle and trustworthy, but most people are and you will surely find friends who will love you and accept you and celebrate your successes and offer their love with your defeats.

And, really… we can’t do it all alone.  We really can’t.

Plus, we really don’t need to.  Life is meant to be shared.

Thank you, lovely Anna, for sharing my life.  Thank you to all my dear friends — you are wonderful!

Blessings of friendship to you today!