Lots of times I work with people and a layer of energetic work will come up and they’ll say, “but I’ve already worked on that — I thought I had that all cleared up”.  It happens often.

And, it’s true.  We work on stuff — we’ve maybe been in therapy for *years* about some of that stuff — and then it shows up again.  Weird.  I thought that was gone; what’s it doing back?

The angels remind us that we’re not spinning our wheels.  We’re not wandering around in circles.  We haven’t wasted time.

We’re growing.  We gain strength and wisdom all the time and so we apply what we’ve learned to some of those old things so that we can completely finish up the clearing and be free of those layers entirely.

So the image isn’t of a circle, where we find ourselves right back where we were before.  It’s of a spiral where this place looks similar to where we’ve been, but we’re on a different plane of awareness and ability — and perspective.

Maybe it’s a pattern of behavior you see in yourself — you thought you stopped acting that way. Maybe it’s a personality type that irritates you — you thought you cleared your need to learn from difficult people, only to find yourself encountering a person just like that… again.  Or maybe it’s a forgiveness layer from the past — I *forgave* that person, why is it suddenly bothering me again?

Well, you *did* stop acting that way.  You *did* clear the need for conflict.  You *did* forgive.  The best you could at the time.

Now, you have the opportunity to do a little more.  A little deeper work.  And, you’re equipped to do it.  And, your angels will help you.

Trust me, I don’t like it either.  It’s tiring and overwhelming at times to feel like you’ve made a bunch of progress only to find that you’re “right back where you started”.  I get it.  But you’re *not* right back where you started.  You’ve made amazing strides.  You’ve done so much!  You’ve come so far!

Keep going — you can do it.  You can look a little deeper.  You can forgive again — forgive yourself this time too…  You can learn still *more* about yourself, about your soul and about your deepest truth.

You are beautiful and very much loved.  You are never really alone (though it may feel like that sometimes).  There is support and guidance all around you. Just open up your hand and your heart so you can receive it.

You are magnificent — trust yourself.  You are doing amazing things and will continue to do still more.

Another aspect of spirals that I have come to understand.  Sometimes we spiral inward and sometimes we spiral outward.  I personally find the inward spirals a little scary — it gets a little dark and cramped in the center.  But the angels remind us that at the very, very center there is a precious gem to be collected.  A nugget of wisdom to claim.  The outward spiral is a little brighter, a little more open — a relief.

We can also spiral up and down.  Spiraling down is pretty icky… those times when we lose some of our footing (temporarily).  On the other hand, our downward spirals can be the big wake-up call that we need.  No fun, but very important to our growth.

Spiraling upward is our birthright.  It’s what this is all about.  We learn.  We grow.  We reach.  We triumph!

It’s all really good, these spirals.  Wherever you are on whichever spiral, remember:  You’re never alone.  You are loved!  Blessings on the journey, friends.