((( groan )))

I’ve got a virus.  I’ve had it since Sunday night/Monday morning.  I feel icky.

My lungs have always been sensitive, since getting pneumonia in the first grade.  Now I can actually feel the moment when something/virus enters my lungs and sets up camp.  I can tell I’m going to get sick.

Some of you would say that with thinking like that, I’m drawing the illness to me via Law of Attraction.  I can see your point.  But on the other hand, it’s just my reality at this moment.

The interesting thing about this virus, is that I felt it came as an energetic retaliation/response to some anger I was feeling and expressing on Sunday.  After expressing my anger, I felt like I was being strangled or hanged.  I could feel so much pressure on my throat.

Of course I did energy healing on it.  I cleared a bunch of stuff — triggers, issues, other people’s energies, memories, fears, more anger… the whole range of stuff.

And yet … I still didn’t get better.  In fact, I felt worse.  Then I lost my voice — a strong message to me that something was up with my communication.  I checked fear, guilt, grief, memories, anger… again, a whole string of issues.  Those pieces cleared, but I still didn’t get it all because I still felt terrible.

A big wave of victim energy arose.  I felt very vulnerable, unsafe.  Usually I don’t feel that way.  I have moments of feeling like a victim, but they pass pretty quickly as I reground myself.  These layers were bigger.  I felt unable to pull myself out of the victim place.

Clarity wasn’t available to me just then, so I asked a healer friend for some assistance and he gave it.  I do feel better … not all the way back to normal, but a bunch better.

My healer/teacher says that sometimes things like the cold and the flu are the toughest to treat energetically because they are often a very strange mixture of issues — lots of unrelated things that you have to sort through.  By the time these non-physical, energetic issues manifest physically, they’re pretty well layered.  So, it takes some time.

We look at one symptom at a time and work in a web formation as we look for intersecting issues surrounding the physical symptom.  As usual, some of the physical symptoms only look physical, when they’re actually emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic or psychological.  We look to see if this is my issue or someone else’s.  We look to see if this is from the past, present or future.  And we just clean it up.

Meanwhile, we drink more water, get more rest, wear comfy clothes and turn inward. I’ll be better soon — I can feel it!

Sending blessings of good health to you today!  Laura