I overheard a conversation the other day.  It was about resistance.  Many of us yoga-types and New Age-types talk a lot about letting go of resistance and learning to flow with life.  It’s a very good, very healthy practice.

Unless you’re talking about working out…

If we don’t work with resistance when we’re trying to get fit, we won’t reach our goals very quickly. In fact, the conversation I overheard was about swimming in a resistance pool.  The thought was that if the swimmer swam with the flow of the water rather than against it, she could swim twice as far.  So true. (That’s what we love about lazy rivers at water parks.)

But, if we’re swimming to get fit…to build muscle strength and increase endurance, swimming with the current doesn’t help much.

A few years ago I discovered power vinyasa and ashtanga yoga.  I really enjoy the vigorous physical experience of the practice.  I really like sweating.

The same time I was discovering this “exercise of choice”, I was also spending a lot of time meditating and studying.  I spent hours a day reading energy and communicating with angels and spirit guides.  Strong spiritual and heart experiences.  I also read several books a week, learning new concepts and philosophies to integrate into my healing work.

I think I needed a vigorous physical experience to balance the mental and spiritual energies that I was engaging.

So generally I like to work with some physical resistance as I consciously remove mental, emotional and spiritual resistances.  It’s a way that I find myself balanced and very happy.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy lying for hours at the beach (I do!) or floating down a lazy river (I totally do!).  It’s just that not all resistance is bad…

So, I guess we need to figure out what we’re trying to do, exactly.  Are we learning to let go of conflict and the need for control?  Are we striving to find peace and stillness in our hectic lives? Then, yes, let’s learn to let go of some resistance to meet those goals.

Or, are we working to strengthen our muscles and fortitude?  Are we building endurance and perseverance?  Then we’ll need something to push against… to build some strength…

We just need to keep it all in balance, my friends.