Okay, so the last few days I shared my thoughts on the benefits of certain types of resistance for our growth and development: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Now I’m going to share my thoughts on the resistance that we don’t want.

So, back to our goals.  If our goal is to get physically fit, we realize that we will need to use some physical resistance.  So we join a gym and we take a spin class or a yoga class, or we get on a treadmill.  Good stuff.

But then something starts to get in the way of our good intentions to get fit.  Maybe we got sore from yesterday’s class and now it’s uncomfortable to work out.  Maybe I’ve got an important errand to run, or I’m scheduled to volunteer in my child’s classroom.  Or I’d rather have a donut and latte with a friend or clean the house.  See what I mean?

This is the resistance that we want to address.  This is the resistance that is not helpful.

What is that resistance?  Energetically, we might be sabotaging our own success.

But, why?  Why would we do that?  We want to be fit.  Why would we get in our own way like that?

We just need to look deeper and remove layers of resistance.  So, in this illustration, maybe we want to be fit because we think we’ll be happy if we’re fit.  We need to be open to the concept of being happy, being worthy of being happy, being happy even if other people aren’t happy, etc. We need to look really deeply at the idea of how fitness interacts with happiness within our energy system and maybe then we find that for some reason, we’re not really comfortable being happy.

Maybe we go on to find that we have some fear in there.  Maybe it’s fear of failure.  Maybe it’s fear of success.  Maybe it’s a fear that if we get really fit we’ll become attractive and we have a fear of being attractive.  Or maybe it’s a fear that if we get strong physically we might hurt someone with that strength. Or maybe we’re afraid that we’re being selfish (or a bad parent!) if we focus too much on our physical body.

A lot of times — most of the time, actually — we’re not really aware of these underlying thoughts and beliefs.  We don’t really know where they came from, but they’re there.  They’re in there.  They’ve been around for a while, getting in the way of our happiness.

Same goes for relationships.  Maybe we say we want a partner who we love and who loves us and who we feel in synch with.  But then that’s not the kind of person we are with.  Why not?  That’s what I want!  Why don’t I have that?  In fact, we reflect… I’ve never had that.  Why?

Again, we look at the underlying beliefs, thoughts, limitations that might be floating around in our energy and we remove them.  We have to look deep, though.  Resistance likes to hide in dark corners.  If, for example, we have a belief that relationships are hard and full of conflict and drama (maybe we get this belief from relationships we’ve seen in real life or on TV, or whatever), that’s what we’ll draw to ourself.

This is the kind of resistance that we don’t want around.  This is the stuff that gets in our way, slows us down, keeps us thrashing around inside ourselves, causing frustration and dissatisfaction.

We definitely want to use our conscious mind to start shifting our energy.  Law Of Attraction, right?  We draw to ourselves those things we think about.  Very good start.  Do that.  Think about what you want.  Focus on what you want.  You will draw it to you.

But, sometimes we don’t get results with the conscious mind work.  Sometimes we put in our best effort: we journal, make a vision board, speak affirmation after affirmation and we still don’t get results.  Then we need to look at unconscious and energetic resistances.  We will need to go deeper…

How do we do that?

There are lots of methods out there — tons.  The modality I use is the Yuen Method of energy healing.  It’s really fast and thorough.  It cuts straight through the resistance.  In fact, there’s a whole special section of work that handles resistance (I know it well from working on myself! heehee!).

So, that’s what we yoga-types and New Age-types mean when we say we need to let go of resistance and flow with life.  We’ve got to let go of that old gunky, junky energetic resistance and allow ourselves to be in love with life, to flow with bliss and success.  To joyfully and effortlessly be in service.

‘Cuz that’s why we’re here.  That’s who we really are at our core.

We are greatness and goodness and light and love and joy and compassion and wisdom and all the best things.  That’s you!  Let yourself be your best!

The angels surround you with blessings and they will help you find your best way to your best self.  Trust them!  Trust yourself!

Blessings, loves!