One of the biggest take-aways from my energy healing training is the idea that all of life can be easy, effortless and fun.

Decorating for Christmas: easy, effortless and fun.

Cooking dinner: easy, effortless and fun.

Meeting with that difficult business associate: easy, effortless and fun.

Getting the oil changed in between appointments and kids’ events: easy, effortless and fun.

Yeah, right. Right?

Actually, yeah — it can all be easy, effortless and fun.  If we choose to allow it to be.

Choose to allow it to be.



Psst: if we’re not finding life to be easy, effortless and fun, we’ve got some resistance.

Again, that’s the resistance we want to clear out.  Let’s see if we can get to all of life being easy, effortless and fun.

I’ll use a real-life example — of my own, that’s up for me right now — to work this out energetically, to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

After being away for 17 years, I’m back in Milwaukee where I went to college and started my career.  I’ve got some good friends here.  It would be fun to get reacquainted.  Maybe I should throw a party.

No.  Well, okay, as long as it’s easy, effortless and fun.

Only I don’t believe it will be.  I believe it will take a lot of work and planning.  I’ll spend days cleaning my house and buying food and drinks, prepping food, organizing dishes.  Then everyone will arrive and I’ll be so happy to see them, but I’ll be stuck in the kitchen taking things out of the oven.  Everyone else will be mingling and chatting and having a great time and I’ll be stuck by myself, away from the party.  Then they’ll all leave and my house will be a wreck again and I’ll spend days cleaning it back up and putting everything away.  Definitely not easy, effortless and fun.

Anyone else notice that I’ve got a little resistance?  Me too… I am not in alignment with Easy, Effortless and Fun.

Okay, so let’s start with Easy.  I acknowledge consciously that I believe “easy” means tacky when it comes to parties.  Throw out some Oreos and Pringles, beer and soda and call it good?  Nope.  Not me.  I want to have elegant, delicious food and that’s definitely not easy. Right?

Now I’ll start the work.  That’s a belief — a false belief.  There are elegant, simple foods that I could serve, or I could call a caterer. Underlying the false belief is fear that I’ll be seen as a tacky hostess, serving tacky food.  Fear of judgement.  Under that, judging myself, because I’m harder on myself than any of my friends would be on me, right?  Under that is a belief that I must be perfect — judgement again and fear.  Let’s clear that gunk out!

Okay, Effortless.  Even on the conscious level I can feel that I believe it’s going to take a lot of effort to throw a party — all the cleaning and preparing and then cleaning again.  That one’s a little harder to sort out consciously because I’ve thrown parties before and from experience, I have evidence that it will take a lot of effort.  Ah, yes, but does it have to take so much effort?  Maybe not?

I could leave the house a mess, but that wouldn’t feel good — there’s a fear that I’ll be judged for being lazy and irresponsible.  Under that is myself judging myself for being lazy and irresponsible (my friends definitely don’t care what my house looks like). There’s also a belief that if I work really hard at something, it’s more valuable.  Some of that comes pretty honestly — German midwestern girl with two very hard-working parents, grandparents, great-grandparents?  (I didn’t have a chance!) I hold a strong belief that to be a good person you’ve got to work hard and maybe even struggle and get worn out.  Let’s clear it out!

And finally, Fun.  Yes, parties are fun, but not if I’m in the kitchen the whole time!

If I look, there’s some victim energy in there.  Boohoo… I’m the only one not having fun… Old beliefs about suffering and gaining value by suffering.  Some women’s roles in there too about serving and nurturing. Ooh, also just found a past life layer of being a servant — and of course, servants couldn’t attend parties.  They could be nearby, but not in the party.  Suffering… Unhappiness…  Okay, clear that too!

So, we clear out those resistance layers and check back.

Could throwing a party be easy, effortless and fun?

I’m more in alignment with it now than I was a minute ago.  Can we get out of our own way so that all of life can be easy, effortless and fun?

Sometimes we can get to easy and effortless, but fun?  Seeing that person who causes you discomfort? Fun? Running those errands I hate — like the post office? Fun? Mopping the floor? Fun?

Yep, that’s where we’re trying to go.  All of life: easy, effortless and fun.

If that’s not what you’re experiencing, then there’s just some resistance in there somewhere.  Name it, shed some light on it and release it.

Then just flow with the grace and beauty of life.

Say it with me: Easy.  Effortless.  Fun!

Love, love, love to you!