I’m a mother of three children and my youngest is a first grader. When I heard the news of the school shooting in Connecticut on Friday, I nearly vomited. A wave of fear rushed through me and I felt dizzy and overwhelmed. I would guess most of us parents felt something similar. I just wanted to have my babies at home with me. I think we all felt that way… And when they all came home from school I was filled with gratitude and love for them. We all felt that way too.

WHAT is this about? HOW can we make sense of this kind of thing? WHAT am I supposed to do with this?

I feel really fortunate and blessed that I have very easy access to the angels and ascended masters and I really can ask them for their wisdom and guidance about things like this. I don’t have to try to figure it out for myself.

I know better than to watch the news. In fact, a friend told me about the shooting and I got plenty of details from her and then from others over the next few days. There was no need for me to watch TV to be inundated with the drama of it. As an intuitive, I could already feel the depth of panic, grief and terror. It’s not difficult for me to put myself into the children’s homes and to sit there with their parents, missing their babies. It’s not difficult for me to step into the classroom where the shooting happened and to look around at all the sweet artwork and innocent surroundings of kindergarten life and feel the utter disconnect between the artwork and the violence. No need to watch some news coverage that takes advantage of people’s suffering.

But, what to do with all that heaviness? The fear, the grief, the compassion and pity? How can I possibly send my kids to school on Monday morning? How can I feel safe anywhere?

So, I just want you to know, I get it. I feel the fear and the worry and the overwhelm. I’m a mother too.

What I do is meditate and ask the angels to explain things to me and to tell me what to do.

They tell me to not fall into fear. Send my children to school. Don’t worry — enjoy life and prepare for Christmas as planned. Bake the cookies and wrap the gifts.

But, angels! What MORE can I do?

They say love deeply and forgive completely. And, I know what they mean. I’ve been a novice student of A Course In Miracles and Ho’oponopono for several years, so forgiving and loving is what I try to do. I also began to clear my fear energy. I began to look at past life connections and karma and lessons to be learned. I could feel that the children are happy and joyful being in heaven, greeted by beautiful angels and people they know and love. I sent blessings of comfort to the families whose hearts are broken. I asked angels to hold them and comfort them. I asked the angels to help us all learn what we need to learn from this so it never has to happen again.

And yet… there are questions that come up. How can this event be part of any divine plan? How could this be “good” in any way?

The angels say that events like this show us how important it is to actively love one another. Tell each other we matter. Treat each other with gratitude and affection. Keep perspective on what really is important.

For our society to mature spiritually, we must learn to love and forgive. But, you might say, “I cannot forgive the shooter — that is pure evil.” Okay, so let’s not start by forgiving the shooter. Let’s start by forgiving others.

I could feel in my meditation that there were some police officers who blamed themselves for not doing more, for letting so many children die. Can we forgive them? Of course we can — that’s easy. They are heroes who saved so many more people from being injured or killed. If we can forgive them, we help them move to a place where they can forgive themselves too.

I could feel that there are some parents who can’t forgive themselves for sending their children to school that day. They are blaming themselves. Can we forgive them? Of course we can — that’s easy too. They loved their children — they wanted all the best in life for them. If we can forgive those parents, we make it easier for them to forgive themselves.

If you are able to begin to forgive the shooter, then please do that. As we forgive each other, we untie the binds of the ego that keep evil, hateful things from happening.  If you aren’t able to forgive the shooter right now, that’s okay.  Forgive what you can.

It’s not that we just sit around, though.  We forgive, we love AND we take action. We figure out how to protect our children and we figure out public policies and safety guidelines. We do all of that while forgiving and loving.

The angels also gave me an interesting perspective on these little children.  Because, God, how could you take these babies to heaven when they’re so young?

The angels said to me, what if these babies were Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, St. Francis, Mother Theresa and others who came to help us learn something very important?  Those ascended masters, fully enlightened souls, have no need to live for 75-85 years in a physical body — they’ve already finished all their work here.  Now, we have a hard time understanding that — to us, a full life means a long life in a healthy body and mind.  But there are very full lives that are much shorter.  Some of our wisest teachers are not the oldest physically.

Can we learn from this?

Can we love more deeply?  Can we live in gratitude?  Can we seize every moment and live life to the fullest?

I’m not saying it’s easy.  And, I’m not saying I’m not still getting caught up in the fear and horror of it too at times.  It’s just that there’s more going on.  Everything is a call to love and forgive and to be good and kind to one another.

Hug your babies today — and hug someone else.  We all need it.  Blessings and love to you!