It’s been ages since I’ve updated my little blog with my thoughts. So while I’m waiting for one of my kids to finish their activity, I thought I’d grab a chai latte at Starbucks and write something profound and deep.

Then two teenage girls set up at the table next to me and I thought to myself, “Oh, great… now while I’m connecting in with my Inner Profound-ness I’m going to overhear their silliness.”

And, then I thought. Silliness is good. It’s fun. It raises my vibration. I’m silly all the time (embarrassingly so, according to my teenagers…). So, instead of writing something Profound and Wise, I’m going to make a list of all the silly things that I like.

I’ve got a deep, long-term crush on Dean Martin and am looking forward to hearing his Christmas and winter songs. [swoon]

I have choreographed a dance to Soul Bossa Nova. My youngest daughter and I totally “jam out” to it!

I get really spooked by horror movies and even scary masks. I only like the smiling ghosts at Halloween.

I like chai lattes made with soy milk. I super-love salted caramel hot chocolates, but can only drink half of it.

I LOVE popcorn. All the time. As often as possible.

I super-love yoga, especially inversions. I like being upside down.

I like the show Once Upon A Time.

I don’t like Nicholas Sparks books but I super-love Kate Morton’s books.

I don’t love sushi, but I’m getting to like it a little better.

I love watching baseball. I’m not a sophisticated watcher (I mainly just like the cute players and being outside in the summer).

I don’t really like football (actually I barely like it at all). But, I like college games in the fall. I don’t like hockey.

I love all things British royalty. The only time I buy celebrity magazines is when Princess Kate is on the cover.

I love listening to kirtan and I also really like Pitbull. I think I’m just too old to appreciate Justin Timberlake.

I love browsing through the cosmetics department at Walgreens.

I love the vegetarian chili recipe I got from Whole Foods. Yumm!

I love watching Jane Austen movies.

I love knitting and am teaching myself to crochet. I’m knitting baby mittens and am making an Advent calendar out of them.

I love my little dog Winston. He’s so cute and so devoted to me. Sweet little dog. Little furry face.

I’m not a fan of the long Wisconsin winters, but I do LOVE warm socks and electric blankets.

I make my own yogurt.

I hide good European chocolate from my children and eat it whenever I want it.

I love platform heels, but spend most of my time barefoot, which I also love.

I love swishy skirts and cute bras.

I love forsythia bushes in the spring. I love lilac bushes and peonies.

I can still do a cartwheel and my kids are impressed by that. They’re also impressed that I can stand on my head (it’s nice when teenagers are impressed by something you do…).

I like ironing, but I don’t like the thought of ironing…

I can fold a fitted sheet — it’s my secret super-power!

I’m better at darts and bowling when I’ve had a few drinks — and if Def Leppard is playing in the background.

I don’t like soggy bread, unless it’s sweet.

My favorite colors are sky blue and rosey pink. (My kids ask me regularly.)

Well, that was fun. Thanks, silly teenage girls. You’re adorable!