My intention is write more often, here on this little blog. The problem is, sometimes my thoughts aren’t very inspiring (or even very nice). And that’s why I haven’t written much for a while.

I decided, though, that I would write about the things that are on my mind, and if they’re more negative things, I would write about how I work through that stuff. Because it’s real, you know? Life’s not perfect. Some parts of life, frankly, stink.

So, one thing that I see happening around me is that there are some people in the world so committed to competition that it isn’t simply enough for them to win… they’re only happy is someone else loses.

I see this with material things. They MUST have the best. The newest. The most stylish. The most expensive. The most prestigious. And, it’s really nice stuff.

But they don’t stop there. They need to evaluate what I have and make sure they point out that theirs is much better than mine. Or that mine isn’t good at all. Or even what was I thinking having that in the first place.

And, it happens with experiences. They take amazing trips and do some cool stuff. And, it truly is great!

But then they need to look at what I’ve done or where I’ve gone and feel they need to discount it. That place isn’t really that great — have you heard about all the bad things that happen there? That experience isn’t really that special — I’ve done something much better.

These people like to plants seeds of doubt and judgment. It’s weird. And annoying. Seriously annoying.

So, here’s how I work with this. First, I whine about it and feel pretty bad — it triggers my victim energy. I feel attacked and I feel the need to defend myself.

But, I resist that now because I know better. What use would it serve to defend my stuff and my choices? It’s not like I’m going to change their mind and defending my stuff doesn’t make it any more valuable to them. And, if I remain confident in myself, their weird judgments and statements don’t matter in the least. I LIKE my stuff. I LIKE my choices.

Also, I work the energy of it. These people are in pain. They’re scared. They’re often panicky, to be honest. Their sense of self is so tied up in material things that they don’t have a solid sense of Self. And, they’re also so focused on the outer layers that they see themselves only as a function of someone else. So, in order for them to feel GOOD, they think they must feel BETTER than someone else.

It’s not really my own mind-set, so it’s tough to understand sometimes.

When I tune into these things, then I can send energy healing to them, to help them feel less scared and less panicky. I also send myself some healing so I don’t feel so annoyed — so I’m able to love and forgive them for acting this way.

There’s also the pesky little piece about my past lives too. In at least one past life I was a very powerful, wealthy person and I was an a$$. I hurt people. I used people. I stole and manipulated and did all kinds of unsavory things. So, I do find that in this lifetime, I’ve got some people who want to show me that they’re better off than I am and they might be holding a grudge toward me.

That’s cool. I get it. And, I’m truly sorry for the bad stuff I did in the past — I’m committed to offering healing and light in this lifetime. I really want the best for everyone and believe that it’s possible for everyone to have a rich, full life. There’s no need for someone to suffer to allow someone else to have goodness. We can all have goodness. We can feel safe being happy for each other. We can trust each other to be gentle and loving.

Blessings of trust and joy and confidence to you today!