Don’t let other people define you.  Define yourself.

People tell us things about ourselves and sometimes it’s helpful, nice things.  Like, “you’re really good at ______”.  Or, “You’re an amazing ______”.

And, that’s cool.  Sometimes it helps to be inspired by what others see in us.  Sometimes what they say is true too. 

Sometimes there’s more to the story.  Sometimes what they say is really more about them.  You become a reflection of their own good stuff — and that’s also really nice.  It’s a very cool thing to be in that space of intersection between the good in ourselves and the good in others.  It’s a sacred place to stand.

But, sometimes there’s yet more going on.

Sometimes, some people want to define you so that they can understand you and keep you in a box that makes sense to them.  And, depending on their abilities and the openness of their hearts and minds, that box can be too small for how truly great you are.  Sometimes a compliment, though very nice, is way too small.

You are many, many things.  You are amazing things!  You are many, many amazing things you haven’t even discovered yet!  Allow yourself to get to know yourself deeper and broader.

Get to know your greatness on all levels — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic, psychological, relational.  Allow yourself to develop and expand … evolve!

Accept compliments you receive with grace and gratitude.  Be pleased when someone sees something good in you.

And, don’t let it overly define you — define yourself.  Know yourself.  Be yourself.

You are a light and a blessing.  Be that. 

Love today!