I’ve had the good fortune lately to be teaching a lot of classes on the Yuen Method of energy healing.  It’s really a joy sharing information that has transformed my life over the last nine years.

Since I’ve been practicing the Yuen Method on myself and others for so long, the method itself has sort-of become the way I think.  Nearly all day long, I work on my own energy and at this point, nearly all my thoughts are designed to bring healing to either myself or to others.  It’s a pretty cool way to live.  I love it.

As I’ve begun to teach others, and they bring me their questions and experiences, it has challenged me to bring into my conscious mind, and find words for, things that have become automatic and barely conscious at all.

One week I shared with my practice group students (a super-cool group of people I meet with weekly to share and practice the nuances of the Yuen Method of energy healing — if you’re interested in joining us, you are welcome to attend in person or by phone) my personal energetic hygiene routine.  Basic energy healing corrections I make on myself each day.  You know, like combing my hair and brushing my teeth.  Stuff that just keeps me energetically healthy.

Each night when I’m about to fall asleep I meditate, of course, and I work Yuen on my “slow burn” issues — those big themes that are work-in-progress issues for me.  These are the things that sometimes take several months (or more) of consistent work to clear.

In the morning, though, I do the basic hygiene stuff.  When I wash my hair in the shower, I massage my scalp and send energy healing corrections to strengthen my hair and the hair follicles, encouraging full hair growth.  In the winter my skin gets very dry, so while I’m showering, I send corrections to strengthen my skin for staying hydrated and I get neutral to whatever soaps and lotions I’m using.  As I’m applying my facial moisturizer, I strengthen my skin for hydration, increased elasticity, decreased memories of wrinkles at the deepest layers of the skin (to minimize and reverse wrinkles) and smooth texture and even color.  So, essentially, whatever issues or worries I might have about my body and appearance, I simply address with energy healing.

Throughout the day, I strengthen my central nervous system and especially my spinal cord, for any existing and possible new weaknesses.  I strengthen my lymphatic system in general, for toxins, stagnation and inflammation.  I affirm all day long that everything I do is easy, effortless and fun (or safe, when I’m thinking about driving).  I strengthen myself for being relaxed and at ease throughout the day, at whatever I’m doing.

All of these healing corrections happen as quickly as a thought.  And as effortlessly.

The results are great.  Not that my life is perfect.  It’s not.  But, it makes dealing with the imperfections much easier and less painful.  I suffer less and enjoy more.