There’s always something to be grateful for.  Today, for me, it was umbrellas.

I was outside for hours today, on soggy bleachers, watching my daughter play softball.  It was raining on and off all day and the games continued on.  The players played with the rain falling on them, but me… I was nice and dry under my umbrella.  At a couple of different moments, I simply marveled at the design and the material, thinking how miserable I’d be feeling if not for my umbrella.

And I was filled with gratitude for whoever designed the first umbrella.  What a great invention!

It’s good to become aware of our gratitude for the simplest things, you know.  The absence of the umbrella would have been very uncomfortable, but it would have been very easy to overlook its value because it’s such an ordinary item.

Look around and notice with gratitude the simple, ordinary, mundane, functional things around you that you ordinarily take for granted.

Blessings and love to you today!

P.S. Umbrellas always make me think of that old Hollies song “Bus Stop”.  Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say, Please share my umbrella.  Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows, under my umbrella.  (Too bad they don’t sell it on iTunes…)