I’ve been asked often about how I got started with energy healing and hearing from the angels.  Of course, in truth, my whole life — all the little details and all the people I’ve met along the way — prepared me, like preparing the soil and sowing the seeds.  But, after a lot of the foundational work was in place, the process for me sped up by leaps and bounds!

My husband and I moved from Minnesota to Colorado in 2005 and at the time I was pregnant with my youngest child.  In the final days of my pregnancy, a mother of a child in my son’s class stopped me in the school parking lot and said, “I’ve been thinking about you and you won’t have your baby today, but something will happen tomorrow.”

I’d been keeping a very open mind at that time, welcoming Spirit’s messages in all their forms, so I asked her how she knew that — was she a psychic?  She said she was an energy healer.  I’d never heard of such a thing.  I started asking questions, still didn’t understand what she was talking about . . .  The next day nothing happened that I could feel.

However, the next several days I began to get a very strong feeling that the baby’s time had come but that the baby was scared to be born.  I couldn’t find anyone who could understand that feeling of mine — they all said I was being impatient, but I knew better.  I sought out that mother again and asked her.  Right there on the school grounds she confirmed for me that the baby was scared and she (somehow) fixed it. Twelve hours later I was in full-blown labor and the baby was born shortly after and the whole labor and delivery went beautifully.  I just knew her work had something to do with it.

After that I met with her again and she explained the Yuen Method and demonstrated it for me and I began to work with her as a client.  Several months later, after finding the healings to be immediate and profound, took the training with her.  I’ve been practicing the Yuen Method daily since October, 2006.

As for the angels, my children were attending a Waldorf school at the time, and as part of the discipline process, the teachers meditate with the children’s guardian angels to receive inspiration on how to help the child.  Honestly, I knew they did that, but never really thought much about it except that it was beautiful and very sweet.

In the spring of 2007 my daughter was having some kindergarten-girl-type mischief with another little girl and it was causing an upset for the other family.  I asked the teacher what I could do to help and the teacher invited me to meditate on my child’s angel and ask the angel to work with the other child’s angel to create warmth between the girls.

Okay . . .  I had no idea how to do that.  Was there a special ritual or prayer?  Do you light candles?  I had no idea, so I just went for it.  Starting from a prayer of gratitude to God, I asked for God’s help in communicating with my daughter’s angels.  I explained that I didn’t really know how to do it, but that I was worried about my daughter and the other little girl.

Then I turned my attention slightly to the left (not sure why, it was just intuition) and asked, “Angels, can you please tell me what my daughter and this little girl need?”  Within a couple of seconds a breath-taking scene opened up before me.  It was so full of vibrant life and peaceful beauty, I was in awe and moved to tears.  Immediately I could sense what was going wrong between the girls and asked the angels to fix it — they did instantly.  There were several little requests like that and soon the girls stood in a posture of alliance and harmony.

The next day I went to the teacher and told her everything I saw and she said that in all of her 30 years of teaching and meditating with the angels, she had never seen anything like that.  Neither did two other teachers I told!  I was amazed, and actually a little scared.  If they couldn’t do this, then why could I??

Finally someone from the Uriel Pharmacy told me about Doreen Virtue (isn’t that just perfect??) and within a couple of weeks I was signed up for the ATP® course in Kona.

Along the way several of my trusted friends allowed me to practice on their energy and with their angels and I’m so grateful to them for sharing their magnificent spirits with me and having faith and trust in my work.

I’m deeply grateful for Doreen Virtue’s instruction, Jennifer H.’s ongoing instruction and friendship and Claudia M’s wisdom and feedback.  What an amazing path it’s been — and I continue to be dazzled by the beauty of the angels and the souls of my clients.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of how I’ve gotten to this place . . .  and it’s an ongoing story!