The Yuen Method is an energetic technique that has taken years of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple healing and combined with western and other knowledge.  The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong training.

Dr. Kam Yuen D. C. developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as being a structural engineer, doctor of chiropractic and studying nutritional therapy and homeopathy. The premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue.

Humans are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. The Yuen Method works to make sure that all levels of consciousness are congruent so that pain may be eliminated immediately and goals attained. The Yuen Method can help get to the root of the problem and eliminating it makes it possible to release the physical symptom as well as emotional issues, fears, phobias, and limitations.

As human beings we have many levels of consciousness and what we say and consciously think is not always what we subconsciously support. We go through our daily lives thinking or saying, “This is what I want or would like,” but until all levels of consciousness support the thought, we will not achieve our health or goals.

The Yuen Method makes it possible to clear and correct these multiple layers that keep us from manifesting our highest potential. We must energetically peel away the outer layers of problems until we find the true cause. It is then that real healing takes place.