One of the biggest take-aways from my energy healing training is the idea that all of life can be easy, effortless and fun.

Decorating for Christmas: easy, effortless and fun.

Cooking dinner: easy, effortless and fun.

Meeting with that difficult business associate: easy, effortless and fun.

Getting the oil changed in between appointments and kids’ events: easy, effortless and fun.

Yeah, right. Right?

Actually, yeah — it can all be easy, effortless and fun.  If we choose to allow it to be.

Choose to allow it to be.



Psst: if we’re not finding life to be easy, effortless and fun, we’ve got some resistance.

Again, that’s the resistance we want to clear out.  Let’s see if we can get to all of life being easy, effortless and fun.

I’ll use a real-life example — of my own, that’s up for me right now — to work this out energetically, to demonstrate what I’m talking about.

After being away for 17 years, I’m back in Milwaukee where I went to college and started my career.  I’ve got some good friends here.  It would be fun to get reacquainted.  Maybe I should throw a party.

No.  Well, okay, as long as it’s easy, effortless and fun.

Only I don’t believe it will be.  I believe it will take a lot of work and planning.  I’ll spend days cleaning my house and buying food and drinks, prepping food, organizing dishes.  Then everyone will arrive and I’ll be so happy to see them, but I’ll be stuck in the kitchen taking things out of the oven.  Everyone else will be mingling and chatting and having a great time and I’ll be stuck by myself, away from the party.  Then they’ll all leave and my house will be a wreck again and I’ll spend days cleaning it back up and putting everything away.  Definitely not easy, effortless and fun.

Anyone else notice that I’ve got a little resistance?  Me too… I am not in alignment with Easy, Effortless and Fun.

Okay, so let’s start with Easy.  I acknowledge consciously that I believe “easy” means tacky when it comes to parties.  Throw out some Oreos and Pringles, beer and soda and call it good?  Nope.  Not me.  I want to have elegant, delicious food and that’s definitely not easy. Right?

Now I’ll start the work.  That’s a belief — a false belief.  There are elegant, simple foods that I could serve, or I could call a caterer. Underlying the false belief is fear that I’ll be seen as a tacky hostess, serving tacky food.  Fear of judgement.  Under that, judging myself, because I’m harder on myself than any of my friends would be on me, right?  Under that is a belief that I must be perfect — judgement again and fear.  Let’s clear that gunk out!

Okay, Effortless.  Even on the conscious level I can feel that I believe it’s going to take a lot of effort to throw a party — all the cleaning and preparing and then cleaning again.  That one’s a little harder to sort out consciously because I’ve thrown parties before and from experience, I have evidence that it will take a lot of effort.  Ah, yes, but does it have to take so much effort?  Maybe not?

I could leave the house a mess, but that wouldn’t feel good — there’s a fear that I’ll be judged for being lazy and irresponsible.  Under that is myself judging myself for being lazy and irresponsible (my friends definitely don’t care what my house looks like). There’s also a belief that if I work really hard at something, it’s more valuable.  Some of that comes pretty honestly — German midwestern girl with two very hard-working parents, grandparents, great-grandparents?  (I didn’t have a chance!) I hold a strong belief that to be a good person you’ve got to work hard and maybe even struggle and get worn out.  Let’s clear it out!

And finally, Fun.  Yes, parties are fun, but not if I’m in the kitchen the whole time!

If I look, there’s some victim energy in there.  Boohoo… I’m the only one not having fun… Old beliefs about suffering and gaining value by suffering.  Some women’s roles in there too about serving and nurturing. Ooh, also just found a past life layer of being a servant — and of course, servants couldn’t attend parties.  They could be nearby, but not in the party.  Suffering… Unhappiness…  Okay, clear that too!

So, we clear out those resistance layers and check back.

Could throwing a party be easy, effortless and fun?

I’m more in alignment with it now than I was a minute ago.  Can we get out of our own way so that all of life can be easy, effortless and fun?

Sometimes we can get to easy and effortless, but fun?  Seeing that person who causes you discomfort? Fun? Running those errands I hate — like the post office? Fun? Mopping the floor? Fun?

Yep, that’s where we’re trying to go.  All of life: easy, effortless and fun.

If that’s not what you’re experiencing, then there’s just some resistance in there somewhere.  Name it, shed some light on it and release it.

Then just flow with the grace and beauty of life.

Say it with me: Easy.  Effortless.  Fun!

Love, love, love to you!


Join me for an Angel Circle at YogAsylum on Friday night!

7:00 – 9:30pm

I’ll be offering mini angel readings and a guided meditation.  Would love to see you there!

I’m excited about what our angels will tell us.  There are lots of intense energies floating around right now.  Some of the energies are simply due to this time of year.  Advent, Christmas, Hanukkah, year end, new year.  Then, of course, all of the added extras: 2012, all the planetary alignments, etc.  Let’s see what the angels have to say to us!  Join me if you’re available.

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Blessings and love today!

Okay, so the last few days I shared my thoughts on the benefits of certain types of resistance for our growth and development: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Now I’m going to share my thoughts on the resistance that we don’t want.

So, back to our goals.  If our goal is to get physically fit, we realize that we will need to use some physical resistance.  So we join a gym and we take a spin class or a yoga class, or we get on a treadmill.  Good stuff.

But then something starts to get in the way of our good intentions to get fit.  Maybe we got sore from yesterday’s class and now it’s uncomfortable to work out.  Maybe I’ve got an important errand to run, or I’m scheduled to volunteer in my child’s classroom.  Or I’d rather have a donut and latte with a friend or clean the house.  See what I mean?

This is the resistance that we want to address.  This is the resistance that is not helpful.

What is that resistance?  Energetically, we might be sabotaging our own success.

But, why?  Why would we do that?  We want to be fit.  Why would we get in our own way like that?

We just need to look deeper and remove layers of resistance.  So, in this illustration, maybe we want to be fit because we think we’ll be happy if we’re fit.  We need to be open to the concept of being happy, being worthy of being happy, being happy even if other people aren’t happy, etc. We need to look really deeply at the idea of how fitness interacts with happiness within our energy system and maybe then we find that for some reason, we’re not really comfortable being happy.

Maybe we go on to find that we have some fear in there.  Maybe it’s fear of failure.  Maybe it’s fear of success.  Maybe it’s a fear that if we get really fit we’ll become attractive and we have a fear of being attractive.  Or maybe it’s a fear that if we get strong physically we might hurt someone with that strength. Or maybe we’re afraid that we’re being selfish (or a bad parent!) if we focus too much on our physical body.

A lot of times — most of the time, actually — we’re not really aware of these underlying thoughts and beliefs.  We don’t really know where they came from, but they’re there.  They’re in there.  They’ve been around for a while, getting in the way of our happiness.

Same goes for relationships.  Maybe we say we want a partner who we love and who loves us and who we feel in synch with.  But then that’s not the kind of person we are with.  Why not?  That’s what I want!  Why don’t I have that?  In fact, we reflect… I’ve never had that.  Why?

Again, we look at the underlying beliefs, thoughts, limitations that might be floating around in our energy and we remove them.  We have to look deep, though.  Resistance likes to hide in dark corners.  If, for example, we have a belief that relationships are hard and full of conflict and drama (maybe we get this belief from relationships we’ve seen in real life or on TV, or whatever), that’s what we’ll draw to ourself.

This is the kind of resistance that we don’t want around.  This is the stuff that gets in our way, slows us down, keeps us thrashing around inside ourselves, causing frustration and dissatisfaction.

We definitely want to use our conscious mind to start shifting our energy.  Law Of Attraction, right?  We draw to ourselves those things we think about.  Very good start.  Do that.  Think about what you want.  Focus on what you want.  You will draw it to you.

But, sometimes we don’t get results with the conscious mind work.  Sometimes we put in our best effort: we journal, make a vision board, speak affirmation after affirmation and we still don’t get results.  Then we need to look at unconscious and energetic resistances.  We will need to go deeper…

How do we do that?

There are lots of methods out there — tons.  The modality I use is the Yuen Method of energy healing.  It’s really fast and thorough.  It cuts straight through the resistance.  In fact, there’s a whole special section of work that handles resistance (I know it well from working on myself! heehee!).

So, that’s what we yoga-types and New Age-types mean when we say we need to let go of resistance and flow with life.  We’ve got to let go of that old gunky, junky energetic resistance and allow ourselves to be in love with life, to flow with bliss and success.  To joyfully and effortlessly be in service.

‘Cuz that’s why we’re here.  That’s who we really are at our core.

We are greatness and goodness and light and love and joy and compassion and wisdom and all the best things.  That’s you!  Let yourself be your best!

The angels surround you with blessings and they will help you find your best way to your best self.  Trust them!  Trust yourself!

Blessings, loves!

The other day I posted about the benefits of physical resistance if your goal is to get fit.  If you want strong, toned muscles you have to use resistance of some sort, right?  Weights… walking… yoga… biking… pulling… pushing… lifting… bending… you get the picture.  And, that’s really healthy to do.  You don’t have to kill yourself.  You don’t have to run a marathon to get fit.  But, you do need some resistance.

Sometimes life offers forms of resistance to get us emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit too. Learning a new skill can feel like mental resistance — it can be tough.  I was just helping my first grader with her advanced math homework and she was a little stuck.  I explained it several times and it took her a bit to catch on.  She worked hard.  In fact she struggled.  I could have just told her the answer — it wasn’t hard math for me.  But that’s not the point.  The point was that she needed to try hard to learn the new skill.  A form of healthy mental resistance — or what we’d prefer to call mental fitness.

We’ve all been in challenging relationships too.  There are some people who really push our buttons. (Pausing here to think of a few people…) Those relationships are no fun.  In fact, sometimes they’re agony.  But… we do learn something, don’t we?  The Dalai Lama said in The Art of Happiness (paraphrasing a little) that we need to honor our enemies because they teach us things that our friends never would.  Our “enemies” will take us down paths that challenge our emotions.  In the end, we often find that we cherish those people for the lessons they taught us (not that we’d like to repeat the lessons…).  Emotional resistance … or emotional growth and maturity.

Spiritually we also encounter some healthy resistance at times.  And, just like those challenging relationships, these spiritual tests are no fun.  At all.  But, like all the wisdom literature and all the hero’s journeys illustrate, we gain a lot from the test.  We gain a heart full of courage.  We gain humility.  We gain wisdom.  We slay dragons.  We climb mountains.  We cross seas.  We journey to the ends of our inner world and we stand in the center of the four winds.  Sometimes we enter a dark night of the soul.  We feel lonely and vulnerable.  We ask, “Why me?”  But… at the end of it all it’s worth it.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Because of these forms of resistance (or challenge, or test, or whatever you want to call these hard edges), we find ourselves the best and highest version of ourselves.

You are full of light.  And strength.  And beauty.  You are wisdom and goodness.  Let yourself shine!


To acknowledge endings and beginnings, I am pleased to offer discounted Yuen Method energy healing / Angel Therapy® sessions for December and January.

60 minute sessions will be $60USD (regular $75USD).

Email Laura at if you’d like to schedule a session (psst… healing sessions make great gifts too!).

Blessings and many thanks.  ♥

I overheard a conversation the other day.  It was about resistance.  Many of us yoga-types and New Age-types talk a lot about letting go of resistance and learning to flow with life.  It’s a very good, very healthy practice.

Unless you’re talking about working out…

If we don’t work with resistance when we’re trying to get fit, we won’t reach our goals very quickly. In fact, the conversation I overheard was about swimming in a resistance pool.  The thought was that if the swimmer swam with the flow of the water rather than against it, she could swim twice as far.  So true. (That’s what we love about lazy rivers at water parks.)

But, if we’re swimming to get fit…to build muscle strength and increase endurance, swimming with the current doesn’t help much.

A few years ago I discovered power vinyasa and ashtanga yoga.  I really enjoy the vigorous physical experience of the practice.  I really like sweating.

The same time I was discovering this “exercise of choice”, I was also spending a lot of time meditating and studying.  I spent hours a day reading energy and communicating with angels and spirit guides.  Strong spiritual and heart experiences.  I also read several books a week, learning new concepts and philosophies to integrate into my healing work.

I think I needed a vigorous physical experience to balance the mental and spiritual energies that I was engaging.

So generally I like to work with some physical resistance as I consciously remove mental, emotional and spiritual resistances.  It’s a way that I find myself balanced and very happy.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy lying for hours at the beach (I do!) or floating down a lazy river (I totally do!).  It’s just that not all resistance is bad…

So, I guess we need to figure out what we’re trying to do, exactly.  Are we learning to let go of conflict and the need for control?  Are we striving to find peace and stillness in our hectic lives? Then, yes, let’s learn to let go of some resistance to meet those goals.

Or, are we working to strengthen our muscles and fortitude?  Are we building endurance and perseverance?  Then we’ll need something to push against… to build some strength…

We just need to keep it all in balance, my friends.

((( groan )))

I’ve got a virus.  I’ve had it since Sunday night/Monday morning.  I feel icky.

My lungs have always been sensitive, since getting pneumonia in the first grade.  Now I can actually feel the moment when something/virus enters my lungs and sets up camp.  I can tell I’m going to get sick.

Some of you would say that with thinking like that, I’m drawing the illness to me via Law of Attraction.  I can see your point.  But on the other hand, it’s just my reality at this moment.

The interesting thing about this virus, is that I felt it came as an energetic retaliation/response to some anger I was feeling and expressing on Sunday.  After expressing my anger, I felt like I was being strangled or hanged.  I could feel so much pressure on my throat.

Of course I did energy healing on it.  I cleared a bunch of stuff — triggers, issues, other people’s energies, memories, fears, more anger… the whole range of stuff.

And yet … I still didn’t get better.  In fact, I felt worse.  Then I lost my voice — a strong message to me that something was up with my communication.  I checked fear, guilt, grief, memories, anger… again, a whole string of issues.  Those pieces cleared, but I still didn’t get it all because I still felt terrible.

A big wave of victim energy arose.  I felt very vulnerable, unsafe.  Usually I don’t feel that way.  I have moments of feeling like a victim, but they pass pretty quickly as I reground myself.  These layers were bigger.  I felt unable to pull myself out of the victim place.

Clarity wasn’t available to me just then, so I asked a healer friend for some assistance and he gave it.  I do feel better … not all the way back to normal, but a bunch better.

My healer/teacher says that sometimes things like the cold and the flu are the toughest to treat energetically because they are often a very strange mixture of issues — lots of unrelated things that you have to sort through.  By the time these non-physical, energetic issues manifest physically, they’re pretty well layered.  So, it takes some time.

We look at one symptom at a time and work in a web formation as we look for intersecting issues surrounding the physical symptom.  As usual, some of the physical symptoms only look physical, when they’re actually emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic or psychological.  We look to see if this is my issue or someone else’s.  We look to see if this is from the past, present or future.  And we just clean it up.

Meanwhile, we drink more water, get more rest, wear comfy clothes and turn inward. I’ll be better soon — I can feel it!

Sending blessings of good health to you today!  Laura

Hi, everyone! Autumn blessings to you!

I’ll be in Memphis from November 1 – 5 for yoga training with Greg Tebb and Terry Johnson.  While I’m there I’ll be leading
an Angel/Energy Healing Circle on Sunday night, November 4.

After a brief introduction I’ll offer mini angel readings / energy healing sessions to everyone who wants one and answer any questions you may have about working with angels and the Yuen Method of energy healing (the modality I use).  To end our time, I’ll lead a guided meditation.

I’ve been doing these circles for a couple of years and they’re really fun!  In the past, I planned out the events — some topic or theme that I’d present.  Sometimes I’d even make hand-outs.  Lately I’ve found it works best to just let our angels/guides lead the evening.  I just follow their guidance and deliver the messages they feel we need most to hear.  It works out really well that way.

Here are the details:

Angel/Energy Healing Circle
Sunday, November 4, 2012
9056 Poplar Pike #107  (Jazzercise Studio)
Germantown, TN

Cost: $30

I’ll also be available for personal healing sessions/angel readings on Thursday afternoon and evening (11/1) and Friday morning and early afternoon (11/2). Rate is $75/hour.

If you are interested in joining me for the circle on 11/4 or to schedule a private session, please email me at  I’m looking forward to seeing you!


Lots of times I work with people and a layer of energetic work will come up and they’ll say, “but I’ve already worked on that — I thought I had that all cleared up”.  It happens often.

And, it’s true.  We work on stuff — we’ve maybe been in therapy for *years* about some of that stuff — and then it shows up again.  Weird.  I thought that was gone; what’s it doing back?

The angels remind us that we’re not spinning our wheels.  We’re not wandering around in circles.  We haven’t wasted time.

We’re growing.  We gain strength and wisdom all the time and so we apply what we’ve learned to some of those old things so that we can completely finish up the clearing and be free of those layers entirely.

So the image isn’t of a circle, where we find ourselves right back where we were before.  It’s of a spiral where this place looks similar to where we’ve been, but we’re on a different plane of awareness and ability — and perspective.

Maybe it’s a pattern of behavior you see in yourself — you thought you stopped acting that way. Maybe it’s a personality type that irritates you — you thought you cleared your need to learn from difficult people, only to find yourself encountering a person just like that… again.  Or maybe it’s a forgiveness layer from the past — I *forgave* that person, why is it suddenly bothering me again?

Well, you *did* stop acting that way.  You *did* clear the need for conflict.  You *did* forgive.  The best you could at the time.

Now, you have the opportunity to do a little more.  A little deeper work.  And, you’re equipped to do it.  And, your angels will help you.

Trust me, I don’t like it either.  It’s tiring and overwhelming at times to feel like you’ve made a bunch of progress only to find that you’re “right back where you started”.  I get it.  But you’re *not* right back where you started.  You’ve made amazing strides.  You’ve done so much!  You’ve come so far!

Keep going — you can do it.  You can look a little deeper.  You can forgive again — forgive yourself this time too…  You can learn still *more* about yourself, about your soul and about your deepest truth.

You are beautiful and very much loved.  You are never really alone (though it may feel like that sometimes).  There is support and guidance all around you. Just open up your hand and your heart so you can receive it.

You are magnificent — trust yourself.  You are doing amazing things and will continue to do still more.

Another aspect of spirals that I have come to understand.  Sometimes we spiral inward and sometimes we spiral outward.  I personally find the inward spirals a little scary — it gets a little dark and cramped in the center.  But the angels remind us that at the very, very center there is a precious gem to be collected.  A nugget of wisdom to claim.  The outward spiral is a little brighter, a little more open — a relief.

We can also spiral up and down.  Spiraling down is pretty icky… those times when we lose some of our footing (temporarily).  On the other hand, our downward spirals can be the big wake-up call that we need.  No fun, but very important to our growth.

Spiraling upward is our birthright.  It’s what this is all about.  We learn.  We grow.  We reach.  We triumph!

It’s all really good, these spirals.  Wherever you are on whichever spiral, remember:  You’re never alone.  You are loved!  Blessings on the journey, friends.

I just finished up a really great conversation with a very good friend.  It felt so good to be with her!

She’s an amazing person in many, many ways and her perspective means the world to me.  I wish that I could see her in person and be near her, but I’m really grateful that I’m able to connect with her by phone and Skype.

It’s really important to have a support network — people who know you and love you.  People you can exchange the experience of living with.

You get what you give, though.  If you hold yourself back, never offering yourself up to other people, you will miss opportunities for connection.

I get it — it’s scary to put yourself out there.  It’s vulnerable.  You might look weak.  You might look like you don’t have it all together.  Someone might hurt you or judge you. (pssst… that’s your ego talking)

But you can’t know love without an open heart.  Sure.  Yes, it’s vulnerable.  And, not everyone is gentle and trustworthy, but most people are and you will surely find friends who will love you and accept you and celebrate your successes and offer their love with your defeats.

And, really… we can’t do it all alone.  We really can’t.

Plus, we really don’t need to.  Life is meant to be shared.

Thank you, lovely Anna, for sharing my life.  Thank you to all my dear friends — you are wonderful!

Blessings of friendship to you today!

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