A healing session with Laura flows much like a conversation. In a relaxed and completely confidential atmosphere, the client shares an issue that he/she would like to work on and then the work begins. The client’s angels are present and guide the work, and often speak with lovely imagery and comforting words and at times assist in the healings.

Combining the two modalities, though different in personality and approach, allows Laura to offer the client a very rich and powerful healing experience. Laura’s perspective is that healing happens between the client and God – Yuen clears the client’s side of the equation and Angel Therapy® opens the divine side. Clients can often feel energetic shifts and leave with a sense of peace and clarity.

Sessions with Laura can be done in person, by phone and by email.

Energy exchange is:

$75 for a one-hour session

$40 for a half-hour session

$15 per email question

To schedule a session or to learn more, please email Laura at lightworkerlaura444@wi.rr.com.