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Angel blessings to you!

A wave of gratitude and acknowledgement for all of my magnificent clients and friends — your souls are full of brilliant, white, pure light and love!

This weekend I worked with a number of people and a common theme that came up was Truth vs. truth.

The angels were delivering all kinds of messages to people about their True nature.  Their nature of greatness, brilliance and unconditional love.  That’s Truth with a capital T.

The “truth” that we humans have come to understand is a truth with a lower-case t.  That’s stuff in the “illusion” of the world — the ego-based stuff that we come to see as real.  It’s the stuff of competition, lack, fear, guilt, anger and false beliefs.  It’s limiting.  It’s stifling.  It’s confining.

The true nature of our souls is so expansive — it’s like the view of the night sky in its fullness.  It is depth and breadth and majestic beauty.

Sometimes the pictures the angels give me (that’s clairvoyence) are so gloriously beautiful, I find it difficult to put them in the tiny words of the English language.  I start to get a glimpse of the heavens that are within each of us.  I bow my head in gratitude for the opportunity to see those things.

And, the thing is, friends (and this is Truth too),  everyone — and I mean everyone has this.

Yes.  Everyone.

Everyone has an inner spark of the divine that is so glorious that it’s beyond words.  I see it every time I read for someone.  The angels and heaven leave no one out.

Now, there are plenty of people who fail to see it in themselves and fail to tap into that divine spark.  There are people who have lifetimes of karmic grime covering their inner light.  Some people don’t believe in their own beauty and they push it away and cover it up and try to hide it.  Some people get so fixated on the problems and negativities of the human experience that they think light and love don’t exist (or they’re just quaint ideas for sentimental people out of touch with reality).

The angels are infinitely patient — they’ll wait for centuries — as they sit with us and gently guide us toward remembering our True nature.  They delight as they see our hearts and minds open to each other and to the divine.  They are joyful as we make our connections with them and seek to find our Truth.  They realize that it’s difficult for us — they understand the density of the earthly vibration and they congratulate us for our courage in coming to work it out for ourselves.

The angels and I urge to you remember your Truth today — and everyday!  Remember that you are loved and guided.  That you are one with all and with the Divine.  You are greatness.  You are love.  You are beauty beyond description!

You are the light of the world.  Allow yourself to shine!

Blessings today.


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