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Hi, loves!

There are so many different ways to see our lives and all of the details contained within their days, weeks and years.  We can see them as problems to overcome, hassles to get through, hurdles to surmount.  That’s one way of seeing it.  Lots of us see it that way.

I think it’s kind of sad, actually, when people see life and relationships that way.  It’s like they’re just trying to get through the days and years without something bad happening.  Then, when they’re older, or some other threshold has been crossed, they’re nostalgic and regretful.  Maybe that’s just another problem for them to overcome . . .

Our angels encourage us to begin to let the curtains open on our lives.  To see through and beyond the ego-ridden surface.  To begin to see something else.  Some way else.

Things come up in life, no doubt.  Some undesirable stuff to be sure.  But, how else can we begin to see these things that come up?  Blessings in disguise, they say.  That’s a sweet, worn-out little phrase — my grandmothers used to use it a lot.  But, there’s a kernel of truth in cliches.

Blessings in disguise.  When we open up the curtains on our discomforts and irritations, what can we begin to find?  What patterns begin to materialize in our scope of vision?  Where do we begin to see that we’re attracting the same stuff over and over again?

Is it power and control stuff?  Is it victim stuff?  Is it communication stuff?  Is it forgiveness?  Judgment?  Condemnation?

How can we begin to turn these things around so that we’re surrounded by beauty and peace instead of these other things?  How can we attract what we want instead of what we don’t want?

It all begins with seeing ourselves and our world as blessings instead of hardships.  It begins with self love and acceptance — forgiveness and gentleness.  That’s no easy task, my dear friends.  Most of us think we’re doing that, but, oh my, these are tough things to do.

The gentleness alone is really tough to do!

Many of us are so much more willing and able to be gentle and loving toward other people.  We happily give ourselves away to make other people’s lives more comfortable, sometimes compromising our health and wellbeing to do it.  What if we turned that kindness and love onto ourselves?  (Yes, that might mean having to say no to certain people and situations — and, yes, that might mean some temporary discomfort . . .)

You are worth your own love and gentleness.  You are worth your own kind, encouraging words and care.  You are worth forgiving.

You are a child of God!  You are radiant, like a sun beam!  You are lit from within!

Can you begin to turn around your seeing and your thinking?  Can you begin to add up your blessings instead of your hardships?  Your angels can help you with this step because it is their great delight to help us remember how dearly loved we are by all of heaven.

Ask your angels to show you the way.  They’ll reach out their hands to you and gently guide you and your thoughts to the way of love and peace.

Meditate, friends.  Ask for help.  Be open to seeing things differently and trying new things to support your self care.  Yes, try energy healing — whatever modality you like.  Start to feel how multi-dimensional you are.  Start to bring your heart / mind / spirit into balance.

Add up your blessings — and your amazing opportunities!  You are dearly loved.


I confess:  I’m not a big fan of spiders.  I don’t mind them too much if I can see them coming, but if one sneaks up on me, or starts walking on me, I get a little freaked!  All those little legs holding up that little body . . .  [shudder]

However, any of you who do work with Animal Spirit Guides knows that those dear little (or not-so-little) spiders actually carry an important message for us.  From Steven Farmer’s book Animal Spirit Guides, when a spider shows up, it means:

– This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so that it becomes a part of your daily living.

– Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you’re tempted to get involved in.

– Rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that are before you, and make a choice.

– Don’t limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities.

– It’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature.

Now, whenever a spider shows up, I’m more interested in seeing where its message fits into my life. (I still brush it away from me gently and lovingly, though)

The angels want to add some more detail to this discussion of spiders (they brought up the topic, by the way . . .).  The remind us that everything on this earthly plane is interconnected.  All of our lives, all living organisms, all currents of the earth.  There is no randomness, there is no coincidence.

They show me the web of interconnectedness that encircles our whole world — on a very large, cosmic level.  And, they show me the delicate interconnectedness that exists between each of us.  They ask you to imagine the beautiful gossamer threads that tie us to everyone else.

They also invite you to imagine yourself sitting in the center of a beautiful, intricate web made of golden thread.  Your influence and energy stretches and fans out from your heart center.  It isn’t an image of ensnaring others or capturing them — it’s a loving extension of your spirit-filled soul.

Now, it is possible for dark gunk to cover the golden thread.  That gunk would be the tendency to control and to manipulate others.  But, that’s not the core — the core is beauty and light.  To remove the gunk is in the practice of forgiveness and surrender.  Surrender to love and peace — and forgive all things that are not.

The threads of love and peace  are very strong — they cannot be broken.  But, the dark gunk can be dissolved and washed away.  Hold the intention of it and ask the angels for their help and the clean-up begins instantly.

Also hold the intention of connecting completly with the golden Truth of your interactions.  Hold the intention of adding blessings in all situations and interactions.  Hold the vision of rising into your highest self — that part of you that is in full alignment with the divine.  (Yes, that is part of you!  Absolutely!)

You are sitting in the very center of your personal web of interconnectedness — make it work for your highest purpose.  Add love and forgiveness, blessings and beauty to the web.  You will feel the love and beauty encircle you like a warm, gentle breeze — and you will offer that to everyone around you.

Remember Charlotte and her web.  The amazing power of the spider!

Love to you all today.  Blessings from above.

Here comes a train!  How do you feel when the red lights start to flash and the barriers lower right in front of your car?

Before I had children, I’m guessing I was probably annoyed by the delay.  I was always in a hurry.  I was a corporate type back then.  All I could think of is what was coming next in my day (and I was probably running late!).

And, you know what?  You can’t do a thing about a train.  You can’t drive through it.  You have to wait.  That can trigger control issues within us.

We love to control things!  We like to know what’s coming next and how we’re going to handle it.  Sure, we sometimes like spontenaity, but most of the time we want to control our lives.   Every single little detail (or else we get a little testy).

Way back when, I embraced the concept of “appreciating” the delay because maybe it kept me from getting into an accident, or something like that.  You just never know about those unexpected delays . . .  [wink]

But, truthfully, that was sort of lip service.  Yes, I kind of believed that I was being looked after by the traffic angels, but mostly I just was annoyed by the delay.

Once my children came along, though, the brilliance of their sweet little spirits began to crack open my perspective on things.  For example, trains!  My first-born is a boy, and he was always a “wheels” guy — loved all sorts of vehicles.  So, when there was a train (or a bulldozer . . . or a dumptruck . . . or a school bus . . . or a semi-truck) it brought him utter joy and excitement.  We’d stop on purpose to watch it pass!  Sometimes the goal of our whole day was seeing what kinds of wheels we saw.

Today, my youngest child and I saw a nice, long train and we counted the cars together as we watched it roll past.  To her it was a really fun game (actually it was fun for me too).

My children brought to me the concept of being in the present.  Being fully present right where you are.  Making the most of whatever is right in front of you.  Not bemoaning the past, not stressed out about the future.  Just being right here, right now.

As a mama you’re forced into that “present” thing.  But to really embrace it takes an extra step.  There’s the surrender of it, the letting go of control — and being okay with that.  Actually, delighting in it.

The angels remind us that being in the present is “better” than living in the past or in the future, but still we’re striving for the eternal.  But, getting to the present is a really important step, because that’s where the door of eternity is!  You can’t find eternity in the past and it doesn’t exist in the future.  It is right here, with you, right now.

The door to eternity begins to appear to you as you find your center, your stillness.  It begins to open as you fill yourself with the love of heaven and begin to practice the forgiveness of heaven.  Its light and warmth enfolds you and you recognize the feeling and the sight of it.  It’s home.  And, you belong there.

The angels and I encourage you to remember that your home is eternal — and it’s right at your fingertips.  Today!

The next time you’re stopped for a train . . . meditate, pray, contemplate, bask in the sunbeam.  Let yourself remember your heart’s home.  And, our dear traffic angels remind you:  there is a reason for the delay — it may be your reason or it may be someone else’s, but there are no coincidences!  [wink]

Blessings today, friends!

Angel blessings to you!

A wave of gratitude and acknowledgement for all of my magnificent clients and friends — your souls are full of brilliant, white, pure light and love!

This weekend I worked with a number of people and a common theme that came up was Truth vs. truth.

The angels were delivering all kinds of messages to people about their True nature.  Their nature of greatness, brilliance and unconditional love.  That’s Truth with a capital T.

The “truth” that we humans have come to understand is a truth with a lower-case t.  That’s stuff in the “illusion” of the world — the ego-based stuff that we come to see as real.  It’s the stuff of competition, lack, fear, guilt, anger and false beliefs.  It’s limiting.  It’s stifling.  It’s confining.

The true nature of our souls is so expansive — it’s like the view of the night sky in its fullness.  It is depth and breadth and majestic beauty.

Sometimes the pictures the angels give me (that’s clairvoyence) are so gloriously beautiful, I find it difficult to put them in the tiny words of the English language.  I start to get a glimpse of the heavens that are within each of us.  I bow my head in gratitude for the opportunity to see those things.

And, the thing is, friends (and this is Truth too),  everyone — and I mean everyone has this.

Yes.  Everyone.

Everyone has an inner spark of the divine that is so glorious that it’s beyond words.  I see it every time I read for someone.  The angels and heaven leave no one out.

Now, there are plenty of people who fail to see it in themselves and fail to tap into that divine spark.  There are people who have lifetimes of karmic grime covering their inner light.  Some people don’t believe in their own beauty and they push it away and cover it up and try to hide it.  Some people get so fixated on the problems and negativities of the human experience that they think light and love don’t exist (or they’re just quaint ideas for sentimental people out of touch with reality).

The angels are infinitely patient — they’ll wait for centuries — as they sit with us and gently guide us toward remembering our True nature.  They delight as they see our hearts and minds open to each other and to the divine.  They are joyful as we make our connections with them and seek to find our Truth.  They realize that it’s difficult for us — they understand the density of the earthly vibration and they congratulate us for our courage in coming to work it out for ourselves.

The angels and I urge to you remember your Truth today — and everyday!  Remember that you are loved and guided.  That you are one with all and with the Divine.  You are greatness.  You are love.  You are beauty beyond description!

You are the light of the world.  Allow yourself to shine!

Blessings today.

Sending a wave of love and appreciation for all my magnificent clients.  It is an joy to share my work with you and and honor to receive your trust and openness.

You are all magnificent souls — light-filled and adored by heaven.

Embrace and receive the love that heaven showers down on you.  Blessings as you journey.

Hello, friends!  Angel blessings to you all!

I’m back from spring break with my family and we had so much fun.  We went to sunny — and I mean sunny — Florida, where we spent a few days at the beach and a few days in Orlando.  We had so much fun.

I was still getting over that flu-like thing (whatever it was), which was manifesting itself in an ugly cough.  Other than that I felt vibrant and expectant.

Being at the beach is one of my favorite things.  The sound and sight of the waves lulls me into a sweet, light meditative state.  I lift out of myself and begin to see everything around me with more light and love.  My children playing in the waves and in the sand suddenly become the most beautiful images.  I notice the details of the sand and the expanses of the sky and sea more fully.  The in and out motion of the waves touch my inner breath and the beat of my heart and the flow of my blood.  I can feel the life of the shell fragments that scatter the sand.

I am more of myself.

We began and ended our Florida vacation with trips to the beach.  At one end, the ocean.  At the other, the gulf.  Two different personalities, two different texture.  Both lovely.

In between we were in the mix of all sorts of crowds.  Thousands of people.  It’s sort of invigorating in its own way.  (As long as you stay energetically separate from the thousands of personalities and perspectives . . .  which, I always prepare for.)

Angels surrounded me each day of those busy, touristy days.  One day, my husband lost our new digital camera on one of the rides.  As I went through the line to see if I could find it, the man loading people onto the ride was holding our camera!  When he handed it to me, smiling, I noticed that his name was Angel.  Of course it was!

The next day, the man checking our bags in the security line was named Raphael — a sign that I’d need to do some healing on myself later that day (I had some strange breathing issue come up).  Raphael is the archangel of healing — his color is green and is always at hand to assist with our physical and non-physical healing.

We had a number of other delightful little surprises pop up during our trip.  I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt that had angel wings silk-screened on the back.  How cute!  And, a nice reminder that our angels walk with us even at amusement parks.

In the end, I return home feeling rejuvenated and optimistic.  Some trees are in bloom here in Memphis, and spring in the mid-south is very pretty.

I’m emerging from a series of ego tests, as I wrote last.  It’s felt a little like cross country or track practice.  I keep running the distance and another assignment shows up the next day.  But, I’m gaining strength and I’m creating endurance for myself and that feels good!

Sending love and blessings of joy and endurance for all of you.  Remember that angels surround us always — look for them!  They love us and guide us and bring us our best selves.

Happy spring!

Hello, my friends!  Oh, I just love the angels’ sense of proportion and balance.  My last post was a call to bring you out of the depths and now the angels want to invite you back into the depths.

If you’re coming from the Christian tradition, you may be aware that yesterday was Ash Wednesday — the beginning of Lent.  For many people the 40 days and 40 nights of the Lenten season is a time for deep reflection and contemplation.  Some traditions call for a sacrifice to be made — giving up some luxury or pleasure for this time frame.  That’s a step toward purification of body and mind, so that the spirit has a chance to swell and bloom.  Other traditions call for a deeper study of ancient texts or an increase in prayer and meditation.  These are ways to deepen our connection to the divine and to bring Christ into our hearts and souls.

In past years I have found Lent to be a time of significant spiritual awakening.  I come from the Protestant Christian tradition where we take on deeper study or prayer during Lent.  Those times have been very fruitful for me.  Taking on a meditation discipline for 40 straight days can be a challenge, but the challenge we feel is coming from our ego (who doesn’t want us to realize our full relationship with divine, but instead wants to keep us trapped in a power struggle with God).  Once we learn ways to overcome the struggle (or just muscle through it), we come to a place of beautiful peace — a glimpse of heaven on earth.

So the angels ask you to try meditation or prayer — or strengthen your practice.  Meet them in the center of your perception.  Like the spiral (my favorite spiritual symbol) that circles around and around, moving always toward the center, the angels invite you to travel that path of inward movement through deep breathing and visualization until you near the center.  You’ll find them there, waiting for you, loving you each moment.

Sit with them there and drink in their beauty and peace and know that that is who you truly are.  You are beauty and peace.  You are calm and wisdom.  You are generosity and light.  You are in the world but not of it.  You are a child of heaven.

Yes, you are.  You are loved beyond human measure.

In this center space, you may find things that need to be shed from yourself — old worries, false beliefs about yourself, limitations that no longer fit, old grievances that are ready to float on, old grudges that no longer serve anything, other people’s false teachings that you know in your heart aren’t from God.  Release those to the angels.  Just hand them over.  They’ll gather them up and fly them heavenward where they’ll be transformed by the love of God into something of beauty that can bless you.

Sometimes when I’ve worked with clients that image looks like a black box of filth that the angels carry upward.  When they get into the heavenly realms, they open the box and out fly hundreds of butterflies.  It’s a gorgeous sight!  Don’t be afraid to hand over your ick — once the angels and God get a hold of it, it turns into breathtaking beauty!

(That’s how the power of love and forgiveness works — and there will come a time when you will be able to do the very same thing for yourself and for other people!)

As you come back out of the spiral and back into earthly perception, carry these Truths with you throughout your day.  Carry with you the beauty that you are.  Be the beauty.  See the beauty.  Share the beauty.

The angels invite you back into the depths — to share some time with them.  Blessings on your hearts and souls — you are magnificent!

Sending out waves of love and comfort from the perspective of the angels.  Oh, my friends, so many of you are in fear!  The feelings of fear have become so commonplace — so comfortable, actually — that you’ve begun to see them as normal.  As a part of you.

Sometimes out of our fear we create these heavy, stone walls around us — to protect us.  From what??  These are not the boundaries I wrote about the other day.  These are fortresses to keep out stuff.  What stuff??

Relationships?  Closeness?  Love?  Realizations of our connectedness with each other?  New thoughts and ideas?  Expanding consciousness?

Oh, friends.  I just had a conversation with someone who is so filled with the fear that she is separate from God — so separate from God that she has to work really hard to find her way back.  But in no way is she separate from the divine — the divine runs through her veins, through her lungs, through her hair on a breezy day.  The divine surrounds her in each moment of her life.

In her desperate striving to connect again with God, she has agreed to live by a very narrow list of “rules” that will take her back.  And, if she can help others adopt that set of rules for themselves, I think she feels it will accelerate her own journey.

With deep compassion and light-filled love my heart connects with hers in a gesture of connectedness.  Poor, dear one — you don’t need to feel like you’re in a dark forest with little hope of seeing the light of day again.  Just open your eyes!  Open your heart!  Your angels are standing right by your side, extending their hands to you to help bring you to a place of beauty and peace.

That’s your Truth, you know.  You are beauty and peace.  Please don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid that you’re lost.  Don’t be afraid that you’ll never find your way.  Just sit in silence for a moment and feel the love that is coming to you.  Feel how beautiful heaven thinks you are.  Realize that when you chip away at those things (thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories) that are getting in the way, you will radiate pure love within yourself and outside of yourself for the whole world to see.

And, that would be bringing the Christ who is within, outward onto the earth.

Bless the Christians!  Bless the Hindus!  Bless the Jews!  Bless the Buddhists!  Bless all the paths to the divine!  Bless all who wander and seek!  Bless those that are sitting this one out!

Bless us all!

I’m preparing for my angel workshop tonight here in Memphis — even though there’s really not anything I need to do.  I’ll just show up and let the angels guide the work and open the hearts and minds of the participants.

I’m sending my friends and clients love today.  I’m holding the intention with you that what you dream for yourself in 2009 comes to you beautifully.

Trust yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Try not to be afraid.  You *are* being looked over by your angels.  You *are* deeply loved.  No matter what the outer appearances are, remember that you are a loved child of God.

Blessings to you today and throughout 2009!

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