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The journey.   Forward and upward.  Except when it feels like backward and downward.  It’s a little of both, isn’t it?  But, really, it’s an upward trend for the most part.

It’s the beauty of contrast — duality.  We get to experience the ups and the downs.  It would be nice to always be vibrating super-high, loving everyone and understanding the bigger picture in each moment (and that’s where we’re headed — it really is!), but for now, we take in the ups (and love them!) and we take in the downs (and examine them).

The downs can tell us fascinating things about ourselves.  It gives us a chance to see more of ourselves, to find a deeper love for ourselves, and then in others too.  Sometimes, other people show us ourselves like a mirror.  Sometimes it’s the best of ourselves and sometimes it’s what we need to acknowledge, forgive, heal and release.  And, then we can love and appreciate them for that deep service they offered.

It’s like the Dalai Lama says (I paraphrase from “The Art of Happiness”):  you must love your enemies because they will teach you things that your friends never would.  Sometimes we’re our own enemies, and sometimes others are the enemies/teachers.

The angels and I encouarge you to stay the course.  Stay focused on the positive — the love, the harmony and tolerance.  For yourself and for those people you come into contact with.  Learn.  Always be open to seeing what gift is presenting itself to you and receive it with an open hand and a willing heart. 

Life is truly an amazing quilt of colors, textures, shapes and patterns.  Drink it in and find yourself in it.  Let it be a feast for you!  The sweet and the sour.

Blessings on the path, friends.  The angels walk beside you each step of the way.


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