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Hi, dear friends!  Blessings to you as spring is upon us.

A lot of people I know are experiencing some intensity right now — either through emotions, physical condition, relationships, money, job or their spiritual path (of course, in the end, it’s all path . . .).  For some people it’s change and for some it’s worries of the future (and for almost everyone there are memories from the past that affect us).   For many there’s a feeling of standing on shaky ground — like anything could happen (and we’re afraid it will!).

The angels send you messages of spring cleaning as demonstrated by nature.  They remind us that  S P R I N G  has arrived!  That which we have longed for . . . waited for . . . endured winter for!

If any of you know the darling book “Ollie’s Ski Trip” by Elsa Beskow, you know of King Winter’s housekeeper Mrs. Thaw and what a mess she can make!  She, with her broom, whisking away the dingy snow, the half-composted leaves, the sand and gravel.  Yes, she cleans it up, but the process of cleaning up is no tidy matter.

The same is true for those things we want to clean up within ourselves.  Where do we have some dingy snow hiding in the cold, shady spots?  Where are there layers of dead, decaying leaves and mulch?  Where’s the dirt?  The filth?

Time to clean it out!

The angels ask us to look at the forces of nature and bring those methods within us.  Heavy winds are trademarks of spring time as the movements of cold air and warm air clash.

Can we find spots within us that are clashing — a new thought with an old belief?  Compassion with judgment?  Boundaries with service?  Those clashes hold the potential to bring about swift changes within us.

Sorting through these opposites, trying to integrate the new with the old, can leave us feeling ungrounded, desperately searching for something to cling onto.

The angels remind you the most stable thing to cling onto is your relationship with the divine.  Meditation, contemplation and prayer allow you to find that place of centeredness and peace.  From that place you can hear your guidance — you receive your next step.  From that place the pieces begin to fit together.  Those things that seemed opposite now melt together and greater clarity arrives.  Wisdom builds.  Perspective broadens.

And, when you connect in that place, the clean up happens — the winds of change blow through, cleaning out the corners, the cracks and crevices, behind, under, above and through.  You’re safe in the eye of the storm, though.  The recipient of the brilliance of change.

You’re safe and looked after.  Those things that need to be shaken up, are.

Don’t worry about being harmed.  You can bend but not break, regardless of what the outer appearances may be.  Your spirit continues to shine brightly — even more brightly as you remove the layers that no longer serve you.

Blessings to you as the spring gales come.


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