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Hi, dear friends — beloveds of heaven!

I’m hearing the message for all of us is to stay the course.  Don’t get distracted from your path.

It’s so easy to get distracted — we’re surrounded by all sorts of seductive ploys to keep us focused on our egos rather than our light of spirit.  I, for example, spend way too much time on the computer lately.  And, not doing anything important or productive — just surfing around wasting time.

Last night the angels gave me the repeated message of “creative expression”.  I knew they meant I should be working with my hands and heart and not zoning out in front of my computer screen.  So, I began to make photo album scrapbooks.  And, I picked up my knitting.  And then today I bought a great big painting canvas and I’m working on a new painting for my home.  I love painting!  I love knitting!  I love these things that require a little more action on my part.  In the end I’m rewarded with pretty things and that feels so good.

Stay.  The.  Course.  Stick with it.  Don’t get distracted by ego ploys.  And, if it’s not of love and light, then it’s ego ploys.  If it’s ego ploys, then you forgive it, heal it, love yourself and love others . . . and you prevail!

It’s easy to make excuses and blame other people or other circumstances or situations . . . or your parents . . . or your children . . . or your boss . . . or your neighbor . . . or the @#$% driver on the highway . . . or your genes . . . or the government . . . or corporate America . . . or the right . . . or the left . . .

Oh, yes, the list is good and long — just thinking up who or what to blame is a distraction.  Just look at yourself.  Start there.  Love yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Treat yourself with tenderness and gentleness.  Don’t lie to yourself.  Heal yourself.

Stay.  The.  Course.  Keep going!  You’ll be so glad you did.

Blessings of the highest to you today and always.  MWAH!  Kisses!


Hi, dear ones.  Sending waves of abundant love to you all.  The angels wrap you up in their beautiful wings and shower their blessings of peace on you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type who likes to figure stuff out.  I like to get to the bottom of the whys of life.  I really like analytical stuff.  I took statistics three times in college!  (Actually, the courses were required for my degree, but still . . .)

The angels say, though, that our tendency to work things out mentally can be a hinderance to our spiritual opening and flourshing.

Some things, we just simply won’t figure out, no matter how hard we try or how many times we turn it over and over in our heads.  There are things that just won’t make sense, just can’t be cataloged and filed away.

They say some of those “mysteries” of life are just the ego’s way of keeping us spinning our wheels in our limited perceptive field so that we don’t delve into the Mysteries of life — those deep, profound spiritual questions that keep us moving toward enlightenment and awe.

Those little mysteries are so compelling, though, aren’t they?  They keep us engaged.  Sometimes it’s a grudge or rivalry that you don’t really understand or remember the source of.  Sometimes it’s the outer manifestation of stuff — illness or tragic events or “acts of God”.  Those things — even though they don’t feel small at the time (they dominate our mental space) — are actually fitting into very small spaces in the overall picture of our Lives.  The image I get is a piece from a 1,000 piece puzzle — it’s just a tiny bit of the overall picture.

The angels ask you to step aside from these little mysteries — if even just for a few minutes a day.  See yourself beyond that.  Try to imagine yourself standing in the purity and expansiveness of heaven, looking at yourself on earth and begin to find perspective within your heart and mind.  Look at your life with wise knowing of the fullness of who you are and where you come from.

You are a beloved child of God and you come from the very heart and mind of pure, unconditional love and acceptance.  You are greatness and greatness surrounds you.  That is the Truth of your spiritual self — and that is an eternal state of being.

This lifetime with its challenges, tests and hurdles is not eternal — it’s very temporary.  It’s almost like an obstacle course — you know, one of those really hard, military-type ones.  You may not always feel like it, but you’re up to the test of this obstacle course.  You’re conditioned well.  You know what you need to know.

Remember that this knowing resides within you — deep within you.  You can begin to access this deep wisdom by quieting the mental chatter of these outer mysteries.  As you do that — quieting and centering — you will begin to find yourself drifting to that place of deep Mystery.  That is divine wisdom, living within your Self.

Ask your angels to accompany you as you journey to that inner place — they are joyful travel companions.  Don’t put any pressure on yourself to “get it right” or “perfect” — those are little mental mysteries that hold you back.

Just let yourself float inward.

As you continue to practice this, you will begin to receive brilliant, divine guidance about your life.  Very likely you will receive instruction to forgive all outward appearances of situations and of people.

Then, as you continue to forgive lower vibrational experiences like competition, hate, anger, fear and rivalry, you will begin to feel yourself running parallel to the wisdom that brought you the guidance.  You’ll have awakened that part of you to the point where it does not take special meditative preparation anymore.  It’s just on.

And, that, my dear friends is a Mystery that you will have no need of figuring out.  It just will be.

I confess:  I’m not a big fan of spiders.  I don’t mind them too much if I can see them coming, but if one sneaks up on me, or starts walking on me, I get a little freaked!  All those little legs holding up that little body . . .  [shudder]

However, any of you who do work with Animal Spirit Guides knows that those dear little (or not-so-little) spiders actually carry an important message for us.  From Steven Farmer’s book Animal Spirit Guides, when a spider shows up, it means:

– This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so that it becomes a part of your daily living.

– Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you’re tempted to get involved in.

– Rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that are before you, and make a choice.

– Don’t limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities.

– It’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature.

Now, whenever a spider shows up, I’m more interested in seeing where its message fits into my life. (I still brush it away from me gently and lovingly, though)

The angels want to add some more detail to this discussion of spiders (they brought up the topic, by the way . . .).  The remind us that everything on this earthly plane is interconnected.  All of our lives, all living organisms, all currents of the earth.  There is no randomness, there is no coincidence.

They show me the web of interconnectedness that encircles our whole world — on a very large, cosmic level.  And, they show me the delicate interconnectedness that exists between each of us.  They ask you to imagine the beautiful gossamer threads that tie us to everyone else.

They also invite you to imagine yourself sitting in the center of a beautiful, intricate web made of golden thread.  Your influence and energy stretches and fans out from your heart center.  It isn’t an image of ensnaring others or capturing them — it’s a loving extension of your spirit-filled soul.

Now, it is possible for dark gunk to cover the golden thread.  That gunk would be the tendency to control and to manipulate others.  But, that’s not the core — the core is beauty and light.  To remove the gunk is in the practice of forgiveness and surrender.  Surrender to love and peace — and forgive all things that are not.

The threads of love and peace  are very strong — they cannot be broken.  But, the dark gunk can be dissolved and washed away.  Hold the intention of it and ask the angels for their help and the clean-up begins instantly.

Also hold the intention of connecting completly with the golden Truth of your interactions.  Hold the intention of adding blessings in all situations and interactions.  Hold the vision of rising into your highest self — that part of you that is in full alignment with the divine.  (Yes, that is part of you!  Absolutely!)

You are sitting in the very center of your personal web of interconnectedness — make it work for your highest purpose.  Add love and forgiveness, blessings and beauty to the web.  You will feel the love and beauty encircle you like a warm, gentle breeze — and you will offer that to everyone around you.

Remember Charlotte and her web.  The amazing power of the spider!

Love to you all today.  Blessings from above.

The love of the divine to you today!

Although this came to me as a little greeting, the angels want to magnify it for you.

THE LOVE OF THE DIVINE IS WITH YOU TODAY!  The love of the divine is with you every day.  It is within you, surrounding you, lifting you.  It is you.  And you are it.

Let this message warm you like the sun’s rays.  Let yourself feel it.

There are lots of things on my mind today.  One thing I want to share is a little success story of mine.  Today I was out running a few errands and I was in a shop preparing to buy something.  I was hoping for a little advice and help from the shop woman, but instead she met me with,

“Just tell me what you want.  I’m not going to help you figure it out, because if I get it wrong, you’re gonna come back and fuss at me.”  And, she walked away.

Now, let me say that this kind of thing annoys me.  First of all, it’s not very helpful.  Second, she’s putting her stuff on me — in what way am I projecting the personality trait of someone who “fusses” at people?  Next, she’s putting out victim drama big time — obviously it’s hurt her in the past to have tried to be helpful and then had someone be upset with her — and she’s keeping the drama alive.  Also, this sort of thing starts an energetic chain reaction and ends up creating a collective consciousness within the store.  Plus, this was an openly (and proud-to-be-) Christian store and I found myself judging the exchange to be a little hypocritical — aren’t Christians striving to be in loving service to one another?

So, there I am standing there with a fantastic opportunity.

On the one hand, I could let my ego take control and say something nasty to the woman, which would create all sorts of energetic and conscious nastiness — and guarantee terrible customer service.

Or, I could silently seeth in anger and indignance.  How dare she!!  Nasty, hypocrite!  I could call her all kinds of names inside my head, blame her for ruining my day, judge her on all kinds of levels.  Launch into a series of judgments . . .  you get the gist.  And, in the end ruin my own day.

Instead, let me tell you what I did.  As she turned her back and I began figure out what I wanted to buy, I also began to explore this energetically.  I found compassion for her that she felt like a victim and didn’t find joy and love in her job.  I began to forgive her for her attitude.  I forgave all the people who treated her unfairly.  I forgave all the blaming.  I forgave myself for reacting and entertaining the idea of judging.

I quickly did some Yuen energy corrections on the situation, making sure that I didn’t take on any of her “stuff”.

All of this took about 30 seconds.  When she returned — and this is the great part — her attitude had softened and she was helpful (of course — that’s her true nature!).  I held nothing toward her and met her only with openness and love.  In the end she gave me a discount on what I bought!

It was a win-win.  It ended up being an energetically uplifting exchange where it could have been a murky swamp of nastiness.

One thing that I take away from Dr. Phil McGraw is when he advises people that someone has to be a hero in the relationship.  Someone needs to be the first to do something different and healing.

Now, I’m not trying to make it sound like this little exchange was heroic.  But, to overcome our ego’s tendency to create division and strife in our life is a victory to be celebrated!  She didn’t have any idea of what my process was, but I think she felt better afterward.  And, I certainly did!

I believe that I was standing in and acting from place of light and love — and she could feel it, I am sure.  It’s a way that we can begin to bring heaven to earth, my friends.  It’s just little stuff like that.  It’s little — it’s not rocket science.

But, trust me, it’s not always as easy as it seems.  These little opportunities come out of nowhere.  Hopefully, as you go out and begin to overcome your ego, the person you’re training with will give you a few seconds to find your center (like this woman did when she turned her back for a little bit).  It’s then where you can begin to feel the nudge of the divine encouraging you to rise above your ego.

You are not your ego.  You are pure light, pure love and pure wisdom.  Let those truths about yourself rise to the top and shine out.  You’ll feel amazing!  It’s a quiet power.  It’s magic, really!

Love, love, love today, dear friends!

Here comes a train!  How do you feel when the red lights start to flash and the barriers lower right in front of your car?

Before I had children, I’m guessing I was probably annoyed by the delay.  I was always in a hurry.  I was a corporate type back then.  All I could think of is what was coming next in my day (and I was probably running late!).

And, you know what?  You can’t do a thing about a train.  You can’t drive through it.  You have to wait.  That can trigger control issues within us.

We love to control things!  We like to know what’s coming next and how we’re going to handle it.  Sure, we sometimes like spontenaity, but most of the time we want to control our lives.   Every single little detail (or else we get a little testy).

Way back when, I embraced the concept of “appreciating” the delay because maybe it kept me from getting into an accident, or something like that.  You just never know about those unexpected delays . . .  [wink]

But, truthfully, that was sort of lip service.  Yes, I kind of believed that I was being looked after by the traffic angels, but mostly I just was annoyed by the delay.

Once my children came along, though, the brilliance of their sweet little spirits began to crack open my perspective on things.  For example, trains!  My first-born is a boy, and he was always a “wheels” guy — loved all sorts of vehicles.  So, when there was a train (or a bulldozer . . . or a dumptruck . . . or a school bus . . . or a semi-truck) it brought him utter joy and excitement.  We’d stop on purpose to watch it pass!  Sometimes the goal of our whole day was seeing what kinds of wheels we saw.

Today, my youngest child and I saw a nice, long train and we counted the cars together as we watched it roll past.  To her it was a really fun game (actually it was fun for me too).

My children brought to me the concept of being in the present.  Being fully present right where you are.  Making the most of whatever is right in front of you.  Not bemoaning the past, not stressed out about the future.  Just being right here, right now.

As a mama you’re forced into that “present” thing.  But to really embrace it takes an extra step.  There’s the surrender of it, the letting go of control — and being okay with that.  Actually, delighting in it.

The angels remind us that being in the present is “better” than living in the past or in the future, but still we’re striving for the eternal.  But, getting to the present is a really important step, because that’s where the door of eternity is!  You can’t find eternity in the past and it doesn’t exist in the future.  It is right here, with you, right now.

The door to eternity begins to appear to you as you find your center, your stillness.  It begins to open as you fill yourself with the love of heaven and begin to practice the forgiveness of heaven.  Its light and warmth enfolds you and you recognize the feeling and the sight of it.  It’s home.  And, you belong there.

The angels and I encourage you to remember that your home is eternal — and it’s right at your fingertips.  Today!

The next time you’re stopped for a train . . . meditate, pray, contemplate, bask in the sunbeam.  Let yourself remember your heart’s home.  And, our dear traffic angels remind you:  there is a reason for the delay — it may be your reason or it may be someone else’s, but there are no coincidences!  [wink]

Blessings today, friends!

Hi, friends!

For any of you who read my last post, remember I said I’d get around to figuring out why I drew to me that unpleasant task of cleaning up my dog’s accident?

Well I did.  It was a message to myself that I’ve been surrounded by other people’s s**t lately.  Um hmmm.  Got it.  Point taken, Self.

So, I cleaned this mess up, but in general, I’ll let others handle their own messes.  Unless they ask for my help and then I will be honored to assist — while remaining energetically neutral, that is.

You know, it’s funny.  I was sort of getting it along the way . . .  I knew I wasn’t feeling great, physically or psychically.  I knew I was feeling energetically heavy — I did the clearing the other day (and I did some venting to a couple of friends and my dear husband).

But what a clear, unavoidable, smelly, messy, spot-on message the accident was!

You’ve gotta love it!  There’s brilliance there . . .

[My angels are standing around clapping and nodding at me for putting it all together for myself . . .  Thanks, angels!]

Okay, so I’m sitting here doing the “final analysis” on the dog s**t thing.  One part of me says, don’t leave people locked in the laundry room and stuff like this won’t happen . . .  no, that’s not quite it . . .

The angels tell me not to get drawn into other people’s dramas.  Stay separate from them.  Let other people learn as they’ll learn and if they ask for guidance, I’ll be glad to help.  Otherwise let them be.  Stay energetic separate.  Certainly, don’t follow people down the vibrational ladder — that’s not a bit helpful to me or to them.

Stay vibrationally uplifted by being in nature, by meditating, staying grounded (for me this often means vigorous yoga or dance) and consciously looking at the light and love that is inherently present in each person.

I confess I let myself forget that inherent light and love with a couple of people:  a snitty receptionist, a couple of Memphis drivers and a couple of other people.  A good reminder — I make my way back to A Course In Miracles work.  I will forgive myself and I will forgive them.  I will let go of the need to blame and to separate myself.  I will forgive the momentary lapse into dark seeing.

Welcome back light seeing!  Welcome back clarity and love!  Welcome back, Self!

Spreading the light of awareness!  Blessings of that light to you too!

Whooh, Nellie!  (As a friend of mine would say)  I’m coming out of a little flu-like thing (whatever it was).  Yuck!  Sore throat, headache, fever, crazy internal thermostat . . .  What a nuisance!

Of course, I did plenty of Yuen energy healing corrections on it but wish I’d have taken homeopathics much earlier in the process.  I’m feeling tons better now.

Part of the Yuen protocol is to find out if there are “issues”, “triggers” or “choices” contributing to the illness.  One of the triggers was my taking on a new layer of my own learning and understanding about forgiveness.  It’s that radical, complete forgiveness that Gary Renard talks about in his books.  I was trying to incorporate the concept more fully and more broadly — and more immediately.  And, my ego slammed me!  Literally right upside the head!

ARGHH . . .

So, I kept working it, kept forgiving it, kept knowing that everything was okay, that this “illness” wasn’t even real, it was just something that part of myself created to keep me off track (at least for a couple of days).  The angels sat with me, offering their companionship and comfort, yet allowing me the space to work through the learning associated with the test.

Finally, almost the whole thing lifted when I chaperoned a little field trip to a ballet/hip-hop/modern dance troupe’s performance.  [angelic harp music]  I *love* dance!  I took a bunch of dance for years — all types of dance.  Except, I have to say hip-hop and I’d have to have some pretty serious instruction to find that groove, but it would be fun to try!

So, as I wrote in a post a while back, the ego will continue to give us challenges to overcome on the path and the fastest way to emerge from those tests is to work on ourselves.  Forgive everything that contributes to the issue, heal everything from the past, release what isn’t ours, address what is.  The tests and challenges are mirrors that we can investigate.  Believe me, it’s not always fun.  It’s not always pretty.  But it does move you forward.

It was tempting at times to feel like a victim (like when I was lying on the floor, exhausted after putting away a load of laundry, or when I couldn’t find the energy to wash the dishes), but really, there was nothing victim-y about it.  It was just an opportunity to put the concepts into practice (I’d have chosen a little easier test, but, oh well!).  And, there will be more.

I say, “Bring them on!  Let’s keep the momentum going!  I’m ready to work the layers!”

Blessings to you as you work yours!  Love and healing . . .

Hi, everyone!  Sending waves of love and light out to you all.  I did healing and angel sessions last night at the Reiki circle at The Sanctuary, and as usual after that, my vibration is very high and I’m sharing that with you.  Thanks to everyone who signed up for a session with me — you are all magnificent souls.

Today the angels want to talk about worthiness.  Almost all of us have issues of some sort around worthiness.  Often it’s issues of feeling worthy of love — receiving love from God, ourselves and from other people.  There are important archetypes that come into play here as well — mother, father, child, friend, boss, employee.  How do we feel about giving and  receiving love from this group of people?  How do we feel about loving ourselves?

When I’m doing a healing session and this comes up — the angels telling us to love ourselves more fully — I begin to check in with Yuen on lots of different layers.

How is your energy to the word “love” itself?  The concept of love, the concept of not-love.  Is there a selfishness piece when you think of receiving love or not receiving love?  Do you feel like if you receive love you take it away from someone else?  Were there times that you did not love with a pure heart?  Or loved too much and were hurt?  Or hurt someone else?  There would be forgiveness issues and memories to correct for.  Remember that I check your energy around these questions — and our energy often doesn’t match our conscious beliefs . . .

Feeling love from God and the angels can bring up additional issues for people.  Although most of us would consciously say that we love God and we know that God loves us, in reality, our energy doesn’t always support that.  The angels show me an image of someone standing there, face-to-face with God, looking God in the eyes.  How does that image make you feel?  Could you stand in God’s presence and give love purely and receive love purely?

Most of us would like to think we could, but probably couldn’t.  (In fact as I write this I can feel the intimidation that is out there . . .)

Here’s where guilt and worthiness comes into play.  Many of us hold some guilt about “sins” and our pasts that keep us from being able to look God in the eyes and receive love.  Can we accept the idea that maybe God loves us unconditionally even if we feel some guilt?  That God wants to embrace us even if we aren’t proud of ourselves for each thing we’ve done and said?

Can we forgive ourselves like God has forgiven us?  Can we heal these things within ourselves and open our hearts so that we can love and receive love without something clogging the works?

The angels want to help you with letting these feelings go.  Letting the past go.  They can gather up all that icky, sticky stuff and rise up to the light of heaven with it where it can be transmuted into clear, loving energy that falls gently back to earth like a scattering of flower petals.

The primary relationship we must attend to is ours with our Creator — use whatever word or image you like best:  God, Higher Source, Higher Self, Universal Source Energy.  Nurture your ability to snuggle in close with God and all the rest of your earthly relationships will begin to ease up.  Fluidity in communication and the back-and-forth flow of love, acceptance and forgiveness will begin to appear.  You will be so filled with God love that earth love will be sweeter.

Don’t be worried about expressing anything “negative” or “impolite” to God.  The angels assure you (and I can attest to this myself) that in bringing your complaints to God, you open up the healing pathways.  By telling God that you blame God for something and that you’re mad about it gives God a chance to love you and tell you what is so.  That leads to faster healing and a closer relationship.  You won’t shock God.  God knows it all already!

It’s a simple idea — this nurturing your relationship with God, but it’s not easy.  There are lots of layers there to work through and encounter.  Certainly there are more facets to this than a little blog post can cover, but the point is to invite you to begin or continue on this path — and to encourage you that only good will come of it, even it there are painful spots along the way.

Your angels will take you by the hand through the dark patches and lead you onward toward the light.

You are worthy of being loved — that is your true nature.  What you were created to be.  Blessings today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sending waves of love to all of you.  Hoping that you can feel love flowing in and out of your hearts today and everyday.

We really are surrounded at all times by our dear angels.  Really.  Even when we’re acting our worst — our most out of alignment.  They never turn their backs on us or judge us.  They only love us and want to help.

When we’re sitting there, head in hands, overwhelmed, depressed, freaking out, they’re there right behind us with their hands on our shoulders and their foreheads resting on the back of our heads.  They’re wise and gentle and loving.  They are what we as humans, in our most evolved possility, may near achieving.

I am so grateful for their constant companionship and for their brilliant guidance (even when I choose to ignore them — why do I do that??).

The good news is that I ignore them for shorter periods of time these days.  So, that must mean that some of their wisdom is beginning to rub off on me!  It continues to be a process of surrender.

My ego loves to be in charge.  It loves to bring me things to freak me out so that I fall back into those old patterns of worry, fear, anger, blame, yak, yak, yak.  You’d think I’d recognize it.  You’d think I’d laugh and say, “Not this time, ego — I’ve got you beat!  I choose to love and trust and not fall into those old ways.”  You’d think . . .

But, I do get there.  And, now instead of it taking several days of whining, blaming, ranting, raving, lamenting, feeling guilty — it only takes about an hour before I find my sanity again.  In fact, now I’m beginning to see the angels out of the corner of my eye/heart/mind in the midst of the freak out.  That’s progress.

I don’t turn my head and fall into their loving wisdom, though — not right away anyway. About an hour later I do.  I realize what a nasty little trick my ego played and that I let myself get tricked again.  Drat.

The angels just chuckle and welcome me back into their embrace, loving me sweetly.  When the dust of the freak out settles and I move into my meditative, receptive place, they’ll tell me what it was all about.  What part was mine — what I need to learn, accept, heal, forgive — and what wasn’t mine — what I need to disconnect from, release, forgive and heal.

It really is a lovely process (minus the freak-out, of course).  There will come a time when the ego will present a trick — like the witch from Hansel and Gretel — and it will look so tempting to bite into, but I won’t do it.  I won’t be tempted.  I’ll just resist and allow a wave of wisdom to pass over me and through me and I’ll know with clarity what I need to forgive, learn, heal, whatever.  I’ll act with wisdom and not add anything that is not love and truth.

I’ve had the experience of it working that way and it feels like a victory!  My vibration begins to soar!  I feel like I can handle anything!  I’m earning my wings.

The same is coming for you.  The more you commit to the path of uniting in spirit with God/Univeral Source Energy/Your Higher Self, the more you will find these unpleasant ego tricks to be easier and easier to recover from.

Not to be a bummer, but just to let you know, the ego is pretty clever.  It will bring you increasingly difficult (but, hopefully subtle) challenges.  It can be tempting to fall into righteous indignation about some of the stuff.  But, when the freak out dust settles and you realize what it was all about, you’ll see it for the trick it was.

Please remember, you are not your ego.  You are an expression of God.  You are a child of the Creator of all there is.  You are love.  You are wisdom.  You are Truth.

And, you are surrounded by protective, loving angels who are on hand to guide you in each step you take (and each word you speak).  It may be a mountain we climb, but we are well equipped for the journey.

Go inward, friends.  Find your connection.  Feel the love that is coming to you this beautiful Valentine’s day.

The angels talk to me often about the need to forgive.  Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive God.  I’ve also read Gary Renard’s two books: The Disappearce of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, which are his teachings of A Course In Miracles, so I get lots of messages about forgiveness.  Radical forgiveness.

It (forgiveness) is the path to inner peace — and, outer peace too, actually.  It’s allowing things that are out of alignment with your vibration to be released.  It removes the energetic attachment and leaves behind peace of heart and mind.

Now, one *really* important aspect of forgiveness is that you can forgive someone and not choose to be in a relationship with them.  So, forgiveness isn’t about letting someone off the hook so they can hurt you again.  Oh, no!  The angels don’t instruct us to let ourselves be hurt time and time again.  They guide us to love ourselves enough to put up boundaries with people or situations that would harm us.

The forgiveness is an inner experience of release and sometimes that process goes *very* deep.  Usually, when we begin to forgive another, we find a deeper layer that needs to be forgiven within ourselves.  It’s one of those upward spirals — the first step, by extending inner forgiveness to another, leads us to finding a deeper love and acceptance of ourselves, which allows us to extend greater love outward.

And, that is the path of peace.  By forgiving daily — by the moment, sometimes — we begin to experience life as easier.  More joyful.  More colorful.  Safer.

But the angels *always* remind us to love ourselves the way heaven loves us.  Care for ourselves the way a mother cares for a baby.  Love ourselves enough to create boundaries — and sometimes that means we must release a relationship.  And, that’s okay.

Blessings today, friends!  Love from the angels.

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