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Whooh, Nellie!  (As a friend of mine would say)  I’m coming out of a little flu-like thing (whatever it was).  Yuck!  Sore throat, headache, fever, crazy internal thermostat . . .  What a nuisance!

Of course, I did plenty of Yuen energy healing corrections on it but wish I’d have taken homeopathics much earlier in the process.  I’m feeling tons better now.

Part of the Yuen protocol is to find out if there are “issues”, “triggers” or “choices” contributing to the illness.  One of the triggers was my taking on a new layer of my own learning and understanding about forgiveness.  It’s that radical, complete forgiveness that Gary Renard talks about in his books.  I was trying to incorporate the concept more fully and more broadly — and more immediately.  And, my ego slammed me!  Literally right upside the head!

ARGHH . . .

So, I kept working it, kept forgiving it, kept knowing that everything was okay, that this “illness” wasn’t even real, it was just something that part of myself created to keep me off track (at least for a couple of days).  The angels sat with me, offering their companionship and comfort, yet allowing me the space to work through the learning associated with the test.

Finally, almost the whole thing lifted when I chaperoned a little field trip to a ballet/hip-hop/modern dance troupe’s performance.  [angelic harp music]  I *love* dance!  I took a bunch of dance for years — all types of dance.  Except, I have to say hip-hop and I’d have to have some pretty serious instruction to find that groove, but it would be fun to try!

So, as I wrote in a post a while back, the ego will continue to give us challenges to overcome on the path and the fastest way to emerge from those tests is to work on ourselves.  Forgive everything that contributes to the issue, heal everything from the past, release what isn’t ours, address what is.  The tests and challenges are mirrors that we can investigate.  Believe me, it’s not always fun.  It’s not always pretty.  But it does move you forward.

It was tempting at times to feel like a victim (like when I was lying on the floor, exhausted after putting away a load of laundry, or when I couldn’t find the energy to wash the dishes), but really, there was nothing victim-y about it.  It was just an opportunity to put the concepts into practice (I’d have chosen a little easier test, but, oh well!).  And, there will be more.

I say, “Bring them on!  Let’s keep the momentum going!  I’m ready to work the layers!”

Blessings to you as you work yours!  Love and healing . . .


The angels talk to me often about the need to forgive.  Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive God.  I’ve also read Gary Renard’s two books: The Disappearce of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, which are his teachings of A Course In Miracles, so I get lots of messages about forgiveness.  Radical forgiveness.

It (forgiveness) is the path to inner peace — and, outer peace too, actually.  It’s allowing things that are out of alignment with your vibration to be released.  It removes the energetic attachment and leaves behind peace of heart and mind.

Now, one *really* important aspect of forgiveness is that you can forgive someone and not choose to be in a relationship with them.  So, forgiveness isn’t about letting someone off the hook so they can hurt you again.  Oh, no!  The angels don’t instruct us to let ourselves be hurt time and time again.  They guide us to love ourselves enough to put up boundaries with people or situations that would harm us.

The forgiveness is an inner experience of release and sometimes that process goes *very* deep.  Usually, when we begin to forgive another, we find a deeper layer that needs to be forgiven within ourselves.  It’s one of those upward spirals — the first step, by extending inner forgiveness to another, leads us to finding a deeper love and acceptance of ourselves, which allows us to extend greater love outward.

And, that is the path of peace.  By forgiving daily — by the moment, sometimes — we begin to experience life as easier.  More joyful.  More colorful.  Safer.

But the angels *always* remind us to love ourselves the way heaven loves us.  Care for ourselves the way a mother cares for a baby.  Love ourselves enough to create boundaries — and sometimes that means we must release a relationship.  And, that’s okay.

Blessings today, friends!  Love from the angels.

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