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Hi, everyone!  It’s funny, I’m sitting here at my computer, getting ready to write a new post and instead of a topic, the angels gave me the title:  “From Out of The Depths”.  I wonder what they’ll say . . .  [giggle]

The angels say that they know that many of you are feeling like you’re in the depths — they’re saying like in the bottom of a pit or well and it’s feeling dark, damp and very uncomfortable and scary.  They want you to know that they are in there with you.  You’re not alone — you’re not alone in the dark.

Light is brilliantly shining from the angels and is illuminating the space where you are.  It may not seem like it.  It may seem completely dark and lonely to you right now.

They implore you to close your eyes, begin to breath deeply and calmly and to turn your attention inward.  Begin to fold the edges of your conscious perceptive field in and onto itself.  Let it begin to fall into itself.  Feel the sensation of falling (similar to how it feels as you begin to drift off to sleep, but hold onto your consciousness) and then maybe the feeling of rising.

You are in the hands of the divine in each moment of your life.  I love the image of sitting in the palm of God’s hand.  That’s where you are — and your angels surround you in this moment.

Can you find that place within yourself where you recognize this dark, damp pit to be an illusion, like a bad dream?  That you’re really, truly safe, warm and cuddled?  Can you begin to feel the swelling of your heart in recognition of your connection with the divine?

Your angels want to comfort you right now.  They want to guide you up and out of that dark, lonely place.  They want to shine their light on you so you can bask in that warmth and love.  They want to show you your truest essence — love and peace.

They also want you to realize that if this feels like the depths of a “dark night of the soul”, that they can help you with the transformation that comes from a time spent in the desert or in the darkness.  This temporary place of heavy darkness may be instrumental to an opening and expanding of your heart and mind.  It may be extremely healing to your soul (even while it’s challenging).  Remember that after the 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus was attended to by angels — you are too, my friends!  The angels are there to attend to you and this growth that is happening for you.

The surest way out of the depths is go inward, embrace silence and stillness and prepare for the little voice that will call you out.  Expect it, because it will come for you.  That will be your guidance — from your angels or ascended masters.  That will be your pathway out of the depths.

Friends, you are never alone!  The angels say it again and again — you are never alone.  You are never alone.  You are never alone.

They say some of you are hearing this like it’s just a pretty little thing to say, but you’re not letting the Truth and fullness of the message in.  They say your mind is blocking it from reaching your heart where you can emotionally respond to it.

However, they also assure you that when they speak, it’s a message for your heart and soul and although your intellect may judge and reject it, the message still gets through and that’s why the voice is small and quiet — it originates from the heart and soul space.  That is why you must make some time for meditation and contemplation — to gain practice on quieting the mind so you can hear your heart and soul messages.

That and they encourage you to ask for help — to not feel like you must do it all yourselves.  Their purpose and joy it to be of service to humanity and they eagerly wait for our invitation to take part in our lives.

Hear the angels calling you and let them lift you out of the depths and into the light!


My friends!  I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to express the fullness of this angel message for you!  They assure me it’s not a lack of ability on my part, but that they’re giving me information for you (all of us) in layers, like a gorgeous layer cake.

Here’s the latest layer for you on the yoga / shavasana thread.  My last post was a look at the nature of death in the world around us right now.  And, yes, indeed there is death.  Someone dear to me just lost her job yesterday — and believe me, she’s feeling grief about the loss.  There’s anger, fear, worry, guilt, grief — all kinds of “composty” emotions.

Oh, the richness of that compost!  The *beauty* of the organic, life-giving material that these emotions will bring.  Of course, right now, she’s just feeling the death of it.  But, what’s coming is brilliance and beauty.

These things *must* fall (tears, fists, the Dow Jones).  They must compost.  They *will* bring about new growth.  And, that lovely spring green color will accompany it.  You know what green I’m talking about?  The color of the first shoots of daffodils and tulips?  Yes, it’s *that* green — that luscious, water-filled green — is coming!  It really is.  Now, it’s only February and being a northern girl by birth, nothing green is breaking the earth yet in “February”.  But, the life forces of the plants are beginning to shift their energies toward growing instead of sleeping.  Yes!  It’s coming!

Now the angels want to talk about the contrast between death and eternal life.  (Although this has an overt religeous sound, hang in with me — the angels are bringing you deep wisdom here.)  The divine spark of spirit that we all carry within us remains alive and vibrant even when the outward appearances seem dead.  It’s the outer vs. the inner.

The angels want to urge you to find that quiet, small space within you that is alive and bursting with fire and wisdom.  It is that wellspring of spirit that drives all of the outer.  It’s a challenge to reach deep within you when outer things are in chaos, but the angels assure you that they will meet you there.  They are always near you and they reach out to you, but you must meet them where it is quiet and all-knowing within yourself.

When you can get connected with that spirit place within you, you can begin to feel the eternal nature of yourself.  That deep peace and love that comes from the heavenly realms straight into your heart and soul.  The infinite love and acceptance that lifts you right up and out of your outer self and warms your face in its sun beam.

Once you can experience this feeling and Truth, you can begin to find some perspective about the outer events in your life.  Divine creativity and wisdom begins to grow within you, optimism replaces the pessimism and new options begin to present themselves to you.  Contentedness washes over you like a warm ocean wave.  Happiness replaces fear.

Eternity replaces death.

You are loved, dear ones — and you are eternal.  Blessings surround you today, even if they appear to be underground.

Sending out waves of love and comfort from the perspective of the angels.  Oh, my friends, so many of you are in fear!  The feelings of fear have become so commonplace — so comfortable, actually — that you’ve begun to see them as normal.  As a part of you.

Sometimes out of our fear we create these heavy, stone walls around us — to protect us.  From what??  These are not the boundaries I wrote about the other day.  These are fortresses to keep out stuff.  What stuff??

Relationships?  Closeness?  Love?  Realizations of our connectedness with each other?  New thoughts and ideas?  Expanding consciousness?

Oh, friends.  I just had a conversation with someone who is so filled with the fear that she is separate from God — so separate from God that she has to work really hard to find her way back.  But in no way is she separate from the divine — the divine runs through her veins, through her lungs, through her hair on a breezy day.  The divine surrounds her in each moment of her life.

In her desperate striving to connect again with God, she has agreed to live by a very narrow list of “rules” that will take her back.  And, if she can help others adopt that set of rules for themselves, I think she feels it will accelerate her own journey.

With deep compassion and light-filled love my heart connects with hers in a gesture of connectedness.  Poor, dear one — you don’t need to feel like you’re in a dark forest with little hope of seeing the light of day again.  Just open your eyes!  Open your heart!  Your angels are standing right by your side, extending their hands to you to help bring you to a place of beauty and peace.

That’s your Truth, you know.  You are beauty and peace.  Please don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid that you’re lost.  Don’t be afraid that you’ll never find your way.  Just sit in silence for a moment and feel the love that is coming to you.  Feel how beautiful heaven thinks you are.  Realize that when you chip away at those things (thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories) that are getting in the way, you will radiate pure love within yourself and outside of yourself for the whole world to see.

And, that would be bringing the Christ who is within, outward onto the earth.

Bless the Christians!  Bless the Hindus!  Bless the Jews!  Bless the Buddhists!  Bless all the paths to the divine!  Bless all who wander and seek!  Bless those that are sitting this one out!

Bless us all!

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