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“My self is threatening to fly forth,

Lured strongly by the world’s enticing light.

Come forth, prophetic feeling,

Take up with strength your rightful task:

Replace in me the power of thought

Which in the senses’ glory

Would gladly lose itself.”

Taken from The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – –

Find your inner voice!  Trust your intuition!  Let your higher self guide you!  Let the gaining light and warmth of the nearing summer bring out your own inner light and inner fire of passion.  Let what you know to be true, deep within yourself, guide you to find your soul’s and life’s purpose.  Let go of some of the analytical thinking in favor of what your heart is telling you.  What feels “right”?

As always, I’m no anthroposophical teacher (not even a very long-term student), but I get a “feeling” from these little verses.  They’re so pretty!

Love to you!  Blessings from above and from deep within.


“Within the light that out of spirit depths

Weaves germinating power into space

And manifests the gods’ creative work:

Within its shine, the soul’s true being

Is widened into worldwide life

And resurrected

From narrow selfhood’s inner power.”

The Calendar of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Like I said last week, I’m no expert at Anthroposophy, but I’m always stirred by these little meditations.

This week’s message reminds me of a meditation that I did this weekend.  It was an image of the central nervous system glowing in yellow light, surrounded by brilliant white light, then surrounded by the depth of the Void.

As the attention moves to the glowing and takes in the fullness of the beauty of the central nervous system (that place within us that holds all memories, beliefs, expectations, emotions, thoughts, etc.) we begin to find our attention resting at heart center.  There, in the center of our energetic being, beats the rosy-pink life force.  Our heart.

We notice the pulsing.  The life.  The rhythm.  Our attention becomes fixated on this life force within us.  The energy then moves out of the heart, into both of our shoulders, down our arms and out our hands, stretching out and expanding in its reach — far and wide.

The energy, the light, our life force, then moves up and out in all directions.  Out of the atmosphere and into space where it circles the earth in all directions.  It meets back at the North Star where it joins with itself in a brilliant light ball.  Out of the ball of brilliant light streak many star beams of brilliant, silvery white light, reaching all corners of the universe.

One light beam flows directly back into our crown chakra and fills us with its brilliant, pure light energy.  As it reaches our heart center, that rosy-pink space within us begins to glow brighter and expands to twice its size.  As does the soft yellow light of our central nervous system.

As we notice the expansion of our inner experience and truth, the energy once again forcefully moves out of our heart center, through our arms and out our hands.  Once again it arcs out and around the earth, this time meeting at the south star where once again it creates a star of intense brilliance and clarity.  Once again this star bursts forth in glorious light, reaching all parts of the universe.

One of the star beams once again comes straight toward us an enters our crown chakra.  This time it moves all the way down our central nervous system, down our legs and through our feet, where it moves straight to the very center of the earth, grounding us to the Mother.

We find ourselves firmly grounded to the earth, becoming one with it, while maintaining the brilliant, purity of the light of the heavens.

We are reminded of our creative brilliance, our infinite potential as it manifests itself as a joining of the earthly with the heavenly.  We become firmly connected with both planes — the divine and the mundane.

As we stretch out our arms and hands in a gesture of sharing and generocity, we literally encompass the whole world in the gesture.  We touch all.

The vibrations of that generocity then ripple out throughout the world, circling it and moving out into space where it is intensified and purified and then returned to us in a way that doubles us.

Friends, this is Truth.  This is a quiet, yet profound truth of how our sharing comes back to us two-fold.  It is an image of our reach.  Our influence.  Our place in the cosmos.

We are not insignificant.  We are lit by the stars of heaven.  Shine, my friends!

I sense a kindred nature to my own:

Thus speaks perceptive feeling

As in the sun-illumined world

It merges with the floods of light;

To thinking’s clarity

My feeling would give warmth

And firmly bind as one

The human being and the world.

Taken from The Calendar of The Soul by Rudolf Steiner, translated by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To me, this is a message of grounding ourselves firmly within our human form and within the arms of the Great Mother.  Allow our thinking to glow in wisdom, to pull in elements of our emotions and to begin to feel the connection between ourselves and this place.

We must always be working from a double view — one view of the spiritual self and one view from our incarnated self.   One of Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards reads something like:  Ground Yourself.  Although it’s pleasant to drift heavenward, your work and presence is needed here on earth.

Now that the earth is warming up (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway), we can begin to walk barefoot, feeling the subtle textures of the earth under our feet.  We can touch and smell the blossoms and emerging leaves.

I even picked strawberries from the field the other day.  The color, the fragrance and the texture of those gorgeous berries kept me moving through the rows, picking more and more.  I ended up taking home eight pounds!  We were eating strawberries for days!  We all loved them.  To be so closely connected with the source of our food is a great way to feel grounded.

I am no expert in Anthroposophy, but I like the challenge of Steiner’s meditations.  I like the stirring in my soul as I try to focus my mind enough to bring the words into my heart.

I’ll post Steiner’s weekly verses.  Let me know what you think.  They follow the rhythm of the seasons and festivals.

Hi, dear ones.  Sending waves of abundant love to you all.  The angels wrap you up in their beautiful wings and shower their blessings of peace on you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type who likes to figure stuff out.  I like to get to the bottom of the whys of life.  I really like analytical stuff.  I took statistics three times in college!  (Actually, the courses were required for my degree, but still . . .)

The angels say, though, that our tendency to work things out mentally can be a hinderance to our spiritual opening and flourshing.

Some things, we just simply won’t figure out, no matter how hard we try or how many times we turn it over and over in our heads.  There are things that just won’t make sense, just can’t be cataloged and filed away.

They say some of those “mysteries” of life are just the ego’s way of keeping us spinning our wheels in our limited perceptive field so that we don’t delve into the Mysteries of life — those deep, profound spiritual questions that keep us moving toward enlightenment and awe.

Those little mysteries are so compelling, though, aren’t they?  They keep us engaged.  Sometimes it’s a grudge or rivalry that you don’t really understand or remember the source of.  Sometimes it’s the outer manifestation of stuff — illness or tragic events or “acts of God”.  Those things — even though they don’t feel small at the time (they dominate our mental space) — are actually fitting into very small spaces in the overall picture of our Lives.  The image I get is a piece from a 1,000 piece puzzle — it’s just a tiny bit of the overall picture.

The angels ask you to step aside from these little mysteries — if even just for a few minutes a day.  See yourself beyond that.  Try to imagine yourself standing in the purity and expansiveness of heaven, looking at yourself on earth and begin to find perspective within your heart and mind.  Look at your life with wise knowing of the fullness of who you are and where you come from.

You are a beloved child of God and you come from the very heart and mind of pure, unconditional love and acceptance.  You are greatness and greatness surrounds you.  That is the Truth of your spiritual self — and that is an eternal state of being.

This lifetime with its challenges, tests and hurdles is not eternal — it’s very temporary.  It’s almost like an obstacle course — you know, one of those really hard, military-type ones.  You may not always feel like it, but you’re up to the test of this obstacle course.  You’re conditioned well.  You know what you need to know.

Remember that this knowing resides within you — deep within you.  You can begin to access this deep wisdom by quieting the mental chatter of these outer mysteries.  As you do that — quieting and centering — you will begin to find yourself drifting to that place of deep Mystery.  That is divine wisdom, living within your Self.

Ask your angels to accompany you as you journey to that inner place — they are joyful travel companions.  Don’t put any pressure on yourself to “get it right” or “perfect” — those are little mental mysteries that hold you back.

Just let yourself float inward.

As you continue to practice this, you will begin to receive brilliant, divine guidance about your life.  Very likely you will receive instruction to forgive all outward appearances of situations and of people.

Then, as you continue to forgive lower vibrational experiences like competition, hate, anger, fear and rivalry, you will begin to feel yourself running parallel to the wisdom that brought you the guidance.  You’ll have awakened that part of you to the point where it does not take special meditative preparation anymore.  It’s just on.

And, that, my dear friends is a Mystery that you will have no need of figuring out.  It just will be.

Here comes a train!  How do you feel when the red lights start to flash and the barriers lower right in front of your car?

Before I had children, I’m guessing I was probably annoyed by the delay.  I was always in a hurry.  I was a corporate type back then.  All I could think of is what was coming next in my day (and I was probably running late!).

And, you know what?  You can’t do a thing about a train.  You can’t drive through it.  You have to wait.  That can trigger control issues within us.

We love to control things!  We like to know what’s coming next and how we’re going to handle it.  Sure, we sometimes like spontenaity, but most of the time we want to control our lives.   Every single little detail (or else we get a little testy).

Way back when, I embraced the concept of “appreciating” the delay because maybe it kept me from getting into an accident, or something like that.  You just never know about those unexpected delays . . .  [wink]

But, truthfully, that was sort of lip service.  Yes, I kind of believed that I was being looked after by the traffic angels, but mostly I just was annoyed by the delay.

Once my children came along, though, the brilliance of their sweet little spirits began to crack open my perspective on things.  For example, trains!  My first-born is a boy, and he was always a “wheels” guy — loved all sorts of vehicles.  So, when there was a train (or a bulldozer . . . or a dumptruck . . . or a school bus . . . or a semi-truck) it brought him utter joy and excitement.  We’d stop on purpose to watch it pass!  Sometimes the goal of our whole day was seeing what kinds of wheels we saw.

Today, my youngest child and I saw a nice, long train and we counted the cars together as we watched it roll past.  To her it was a really fun game (actually it was fun for me too).

My children brought to me the concept of being in the present.  Being fully present right where you are.  Making the most of whatever is right in front of you.  Not bemoaning the past, not stressed out about the future.  Just being right here, right now.

As a mama you’re forced into that “present” thing.  But to really embrace it takes an extra step.  There’s the surrender of it, the letting go of control — and being okay with that.  Actually, delighting in it.

The angels remind us that being in the present is “better” than living in the past or in the future, but still we’re striving for the eternal.  But, getting to the present is a really important step, because that’s where the door of eternity is!  You can’t find eternity in the past and it doesn’t exist in the future.  It is right here, with you, right now.

The door to eternity begins to appear to you as you find your center, your stillness.  It begins to open as you fill yourself with the love of heaven and begin to practice the forgiveness of heaven.  Its light and warmth enfolds you and you recognize the feeling and the sight of it.  It’s home.  And, you belong there.

The angels and I encourage you to remember that your home is eternal — and it’s right at your fingertips.  Today!

The next time you’re stopped for a train . . . meditate, pray, contemplate, bask in the sunbeam.  Let yourself remember your heart’s home.  And, our dear traffic angels remind you:  there is a reason for the delay — it may be your reason or it may be someone else’s, but there are no coincidences!  [wink]

Blessings today, friends!

Hi, dear friends!  Blessings to you as spring is upon us.

A lot of people I know are experiencing some intensity right now — either through emotions, physical condition, relationships, money, job or their spiritual path (of course, in the end, it’s all path . . .).  For some people it’s change and for some it’s worries of the future (and for almost everyone there are memories from the past that affect us).   For many there’s a feeling of standing on shaky ground — like anything could happen (and we’re afraid it will!).

The angels send you messages of spring cleaning as demonstrated by nature.  They remind us that  S P R I N G  has arrived!  That which we have longed for . . . waited for . . . endured winter for!

If any of you know the darling book “Ollie’s Ski Trip” by Elsa Beskow, you know of King Winter’s housekeeper Mrs. Thaw and what a mess she can make!  She, with her broom, whisking away the dingy snow, the half-composted leaves, the sand and gravel.  Yes, she cleans it up, but the process of cleaning up is no tidy matter.

The same is true for those things we want to clean up within ourselves.  Where do we have some dingy snow hiding in the cold, shady spots?  Where are there layers of dead, decaying leaves and mulch?  Where’s the dirt?  The filth?

Time to clean it out!

The angels ask us to look at the forces of nature and bring those methods within us.  Heavy winds are trademarks of spring time as the movements of cold air and warm air clash.

Can we find spots within us that are clashing — a new thought with an old belief?  Compassion with judgment?  Boundaries with service?  Those clashes hold the potential to bring about swift changes within us.

Sorting through these opposites, trying to integrate the new with the old, can leave us feeling ungrounded, desperately searching for something to cling onto.

The angels remind you the most stable thing to cling onto is your relationship with the divine.  Meditation, contemplation and prayer allow you to find that place of centeredness and peace.  From that place you can hear your guidance — you receive your next step.  From that place the pieces begin to fit together.  Those things that seemed opposite now melt together and greater clarity arrives.  Wisdom builds.  Perspective broadens.

And, when you connect in that place, the clean up happens — the winds of change blow through, cleaning out the corners, the cracks and crevices, behind, under, above and through.  You’re safe in the eye of the storm, though.  The recipient of the brilliance of change.

You’re safe and looked after.  Those things that need to be shaken up, are.

Don’t worry about being harmed.  You can bend but not break, regardless of what the outer appearances may be.  Your spirit continues to shine brightly — even more brightly as you remove the layers that no longer serve you.

Blessings to you as the spring gales come.

Hi, friends!

For any of you who read my last post, remember I said I’d get around to figuring out why I drew to me that unpleasant task of cleaning up my dog’s accident?

Well I did.  It was a message to myself that I’ve been surrounded by other people’s s**t lately.  Um hmmm.  Got it.  Point taken, Self.

So, I cleaned this mess up, but in general, I’ll let others handle their own messes.  Unless they ask for my help and then I will be honored to assist — while remaining energetically neutral, that is.

You know, it’s funny.  I was sort of getting it along the way . . .  I knew I wasn’t feeling great, physically or psychically.  I knew I was feeling energetically heavy — I did the clearing the other day (and I did some venting to a couple of friends and my dear husband).

But what a clear, unavoidable, smelly, messy, spot-on message the accident was!

You’ve gotta love it!  There’s brilliance there . . .

[My angels are standing around clapping and nodding at me for putting it all together for myself . . .  Thanks, angels!]

Okay, so I’m sitting here doing the “final analysis” on the dog s**t thing.  One part of me says, don’t leave people locked in the laundry room and stuff like this won’t happen . . .  no, that’s not quite it . . .

The angels tell me not to get drawn into other people’s dramas.  Stay separate from them.  Let other people learn as they’ll learn and if they ask for guidance, I’ll be glad to help.  Otherwise let them be.  Stay energetic separate.  Certainly, don’t follow people down the vibrational ladder — that’s not a bit helpful to me or to them.

Stay vibrationally uplifted by being in nature, by meditating, staying grounded (for me this often means vigorous yoga or dance) and consciously looking at the light and love that is inherently present in each person.

I confess I let myself forget that inherent light and love with a couple of people:  a snitty receptionist, a couple of Memphis drivers and a couple of other people.  A good reminder — I make my way back to A Course In Miracles work.  I will forgive myself and I will forgive them.  I will let go of the need to blame and to separate myself.  I will forgive the momentary lapse into dark seeing.

Welcome back light seeing!  Welcome back clarity and love!  Welcome back, Self!

Spreading the light of awareness!  Blessings of that light to you too!

Hello, my friends!  Oh, I just love the angels’ sense of proportion and balance.  My last post was a call to bring you out of the depths and now the angels want to invite you back into the depths.

If you’re coming from the Christian tradition, you may be aware that yesterday was Ash Wednesday — the beginning of Lent.  For many people the 40 days and 40 nights of the Lenten season is a time for deep reflection and contemplation.  Some traditions call for a sacrifice to be made — giving up some luxury or pleasure for this time frame.  That’s a step toward purification of body and mind, so that the spirit has a chance to swell and bloom.  Other traditions call for a deeper study of ancient texts or an increase in prayer and meditation.  These are ways to deepen our connection to the divine and to bring Christ into our hearts and souls.

In past years I have found Lent to be a time of significant spiritual awakening.  I come from the Protestant Christian tradition where we take on deeper study or prayer during Lent.  Those times have been very fruitful for me.  Taking on a meditation discipline for 40 straight days can be a challenge, but the challenge we feel is coming from our ego (who doesn’t want us to realize our full relationship with divine, but instead wants to keep us trapped in a power struggle with God).  Once we learn ways to overcome the struggle (or just muscle through it), we come to a place of beautiful peace — a glimpse of heaven on earth.

So the angels ask you to try meditation or prayer — or strengthen your practice.  Meet them in the center of your perception.  Like the spiral (my favorite spiritual symbol) that circles around and around, moving always toward the center, the angels invite you to travel that path of inward movement through deep breathing and visualization until you near the center.  You’ll find them there, waiting for you, loving you each moment.

Sit with them there and drink in their beauty and peace and know that that is who you truly are.  You are beauty and peace.  You are calm and wisdom.  You are generosity and light.  You are in the world but not of it.  You are a child of heaven.

Yes, you are.  You are loved beyond human measure.

In this center space, you may find things that need to be shed from yourself — old worries, false beliefs about yourself, limitations that no longer fit, old grievances that are ready to float on, old grudges that no longer serve anything, other people’s false teachings that you know in your heart aren’t from God.  Release those to the angels.  Just hand them over.  They’ll gather them up and fly them heavenward where they’ll be transformed by the love of God into something of beauty that can bless you.

Sometimes when I’ve worked with clients that image looks like a black box of filth that the angels carry upward.  When they get into the heavenly realms, they open the box and out fly hundreds of butterflies.  It’s a gorgeous sight!  Don’t be afraid to hand over your ick — once the angels and God get a hold of it, it turns into breathtaking beauty!

(That’s how the power of love and forgiveness works — and there will come a time when you will be able to do the very same thing for yourself and for other people!)

As you come back out of the spiral and back into earthly perception, carry these Truths with you throughout your day.  Carry with you the beauty that you are.  Be the beauty.  See the beauty.  Share the beauty.

The angels invite you back into the depths — to share some time with them.  Blessings on your hearts and souls — you are magnificent!

Hi, everyone!  It’s funny, I’m sitting here at my computer, getting ready to write a new post and instead of a topic, the angels gave me the title:  “From Out of The Depths”.  I wonder what they’ll say . . .  [giggle]

The angels say that they know that many of you are feeling like you’re in the depths — they’re saying like in the bottom of a pit or well and it’s feeling dark, damp and very uncomfortable and scary.  They want you to know that they are in there with you.  You’re not alone — you’re not alone in the dark.

Light is brilliantly shining from the angels and is illuminating the space where you are.  It may not seem like it.  It may seem completely dark and lonely to you right now.

They implore you to close your eyes, begin to breath deeply and calmly and to turn your attention inward.  Begin to fold the edges of your conscious perceptive field in and onto itself.  Let it begin to fall into itself.  Feel the sensation of falling (similar to how it feels as you begin to drift off to sleep, but hold onto your consciousness) and then maybe the feeling of rising.

You are in the hands of the divine in each moment of your life.  I love the image of sitting in the palm of God’s hand.  That’s where you are — and your angels surround you in this moment.

Can you find that place within yourself where you recognize this dark, damp pit to be an illusion, like a bad dream?  That you’re really, truly safe, warm and cuddled?  Can you begin to feel the swelling of your heart in recognition of your connection with the divine?

Your angels want to comfort you right now.  They want to guide you up and out of that dark, lonely place.  They want to shine their light on you so you can bask in that warmth and love.  They want to show you your truest essence — love and peace.

They also want you to realize that if this feels like the depths of a “dark night of the soul”, that they can help you with the transformation that comes from a time spent in the desert or in the darkness.  This temporary place of heavy darkness may be instrumental to an opening and expanding of your heart and mind.  It may be extremely healing to your soul (even while it’s challenging).  Remember that after the 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus was attended to by angels — you are too, my friends!  The angels are there to attend to you and this growth that is happening for you.

The surest way out of the depths is go inward, embrace silence and stillness and prepare for the little voice that will call you out.  Expect it, because it will come for you.  That will be your guidance — from your angels or ascended masters.  That will be your pathway out of the depths.

Friends, you are never alone!  The angels say it again and again — you are never alone.  You are never alone.  You are never alone.

They say some of you are hearing this like it’s just a pretty little thing to say, but you’re not letting the Truth and fullness of the message in.  They say your mind is blocking it from reaching your heart where you can emotionally respond to it.

However, they also assure you that when they speak, it’s a message for your heart and soul and although your intellect may judge and reject it, the message still gets through and that’s why the voice is small and quiet — it originates from the heart and soul space.  That is why you must make some time for meditation and contemplation — to gain practice on quieting the mind so you can hear your heart and soul messages.

That and they encourage you to ask for help — to not feel like you must do it all yourselves.  Their purpose and joy it to be of service to humanity and they eagerly wait for our invitation to take part in our lives.

Hear the angels calling you and let them lift you out of the depths and into the light!

Hi!  This is Laura and I’m excited to be starting my blog and website.  I’m going to share my thoughts and experiences as a lightworker — doing energy healing work, using the Yuen Method; being an Angel Therapy Practitioner®; receiving insights during meditation; trying to live my best life, and encouraging and helping others to live their best lives.  I’ll also share a bit about my own spiritual path — those things that I’m currently working on.

I imagine this place to be wise at times, silly at times — but *always* a striving toward truth and love.

Remember that your angels are *always* with you — each moment of each hour of each day.  You are *never* alone and are *always* loved, *never* judged.  Your angels are available and eager to guide you in your life — the big and the little stuff.  Your truest nature is love — pure, radiant love — that’s who you are and that’s who the angels see when they look at you.

Blessings today!  Love from above.  -Laura

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