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The love of the divine to you today!

Although this came to me as a little greeting, the angels want to magnify it for you.

THE LOVE OF THE DIVINE IS WITH YOU TODAY!  The love of the divine is with you every day.  It is within you, surrounding you, lifting you.  It is you.  And you are it.

Let this message warm you like the sun’s rays.  Let yourself feel it.

There are lots of things on my mind today.  One thing I want to share is a little success story of mine.  Today I was out running a few errands and I was in a shop preparing to buy something.  I was hoping for a little advice and help from the shop woman, but instead she met me with,

“Just tell me what you want.  I’m not going to help you figure it out, because if I get it wrong, you’re gonna come back and fuss at me.”  And, she walked away.

Now, let me say that this kind of thing annoys me.  First of all, it’s not very helpful.  Second, she’s putting her stuff on me — in what way am I projecting the personality trait of someone who “fusses” at people?  Next, she’s putting out victim drama big time — obviously it’s hurt her in the past to have tried to be helpful and then had someone be upset with her — and she’s keeping the drama alive.  Also, this sort of thing starts an energetic chain reaction and ends up creating a collective consciousness within the store.  Plus, this was an openly (and proud-to-be-) Christian store and I found myself judging the exchange to be a little hypocritical — aren’t Christians striving to be in loving service to one another?

So, there I am standing there with a fantastic opportunity.

On the one hand, I could let my ego take control and say something nasty to the woman, which would create all sorts of energetic and conscious nastiness — and guarantee terrible customer service.

Or, I could silently seeth in anger and indignance.  How dare she!!  Nasty, hypocrite!  I could call her all kinds of names inside my head, blame her for ruining my day, judge her on all kinds of levels.  Launch into a series of judgments . . .  you get the gist.  And, in the end ruin my own day.

Instead, let me tell you what I did.  As she turned her back and I began figure out what I wanted to buy, I also began to explore this energetically.  I found compassion for her that she felt like a victim and didn’t find joy and love in her job.  I began to forgive her for her attitude.  I forgave all the people who treated her unfairly.  I forgave all the blaming.  I forgave myself for reacting and entertaining the idea of judging.

I quickly did some Yuen energy corrections on the situation, making sure that I didn’t take on any of her “stuff”.

All of this took about 30 seconds.  When she returned — and this is the great part — her attitude had softened and she was helpful (of course — that’s her true nature!).  I held nothing toward her and met her only with openness and love.  In the end she gave me a discount on what I bought!

It was a win-win.  It ended up being an energetically uplifting exchange where it could have been a murky swamp of nastiness.

One thing that I take away from Dr. Phil McGraw is when he advises people that someone has to be a hero in the relationship.  Someone needs to be the first to do something different and healing.

Now, I’m not trying to make it sound like this little exchange was heroic.  But, to overcome our ego’s tendency to create division and strife in our life is a victory to be celebrated!  She didn’t have any idea of what my process was, but I think she felt better afterward.  And, I certainly did!

I believe that I was standing in and acting from place of light and love — and she could feel it, I am sure.  It’s a way that we can begin to bring heaven to earth, my friends.  It’s just little stuff like that.  It’s little — it’s not rocket science.

But, trust me, it’s not always as easy as it seems.  These little opportunities come out of nowhere.  Hopefully, as you go out and begin to overcome your ego, the person you’re training with will give you a few seconds to find your center (like this woman did when she turned her back for a little bit).  It’s then where you can begin to feel the nudge of the divine encouraging you to rise above your ego.

You are not your ego.  You are pure light, pure love and pure wisdom.  Let those truths about yourself rise to the top and shine out.  You’ll feel amazing!  It’s a quiet power.  It’s magic, really!

Love, love, love today, dear friends!


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