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A yoga message from the angels!

Today the angels showed me a picture of how our economy, our culture, our society are in a yoga inversion pose — literally on their heads.  Many of us can feel that too.  Lots of pressure on our shoulders and on our heads.  Many of us are completely absorbed by thoughts, worries, fears of the future.

Things as we’ve known them are turned upside down.  Our plans for the future . . . changed.  Our financial situation . . . changed.  Our career outlook . . . changed.  Our relationships . . . changed.  Where we used to feel a solid footing is now not there, or it’s pretty shaky and uncertain. 

I love yoga.  I do yoga several times a week.  And, I love inversions.  Headstand, shoulder stand, handstand . . . all of them.   They’re exciting and exhilarating!  It feels like I’m a kid again, goofing around and just hanging there in the air.  I love the feeling!  It’s so cool.

What do my yoga teachers say about inversions?  The blood gets a chance to flow a different way, bringing fresh blood to the internal organs and removing toxins in the process.  You get a chance to see your life from a completely different perspective.

The angels encourage us to see our current situations in this light.  It’s a chance to challenge gravity in our lives.  To find a new way to balance.  A new way to experience the view.  It’s a time to detoxify — removing those unnecessary aspects of our lives and concentrating on bringing purity to the forefront.

The counter-posture to many of the yoga inversions is child’s pose — lovely surrender.  The angels guide us to find our child-self right now.  To look for the joy of simplicity.  To trust without knowing what the future brings.  To sit in the backseat instead of the driver’s seat.  To not worry about the future.  Trust that the universe will right these inversions and that you’re cared for in the process.  Surrender to your highest, wisest self — your connection with the Creator of all.

Often in a yoga class, the inversions are at the end of class, just before final relaxation (shavasana) pose.  The angels invite you to find yourself in relaxation mode.  Find your center, your peace, your meditation.  Give yourself a much-needed rest for a little while.  Relax your body.  Relax your mind.  Relax your spirit.  You deserve some quiet — so enjoy it!

Remember that you are loved!  Practice some yoga today — spiritual, mental or physical yoga.  It’s all good. 

Namaste, friends . . .


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