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Wasn’t that a Tears for Fears song in the 80’s?  Hold on . . .  I’m going to Google that . . . Yep, it’s a Tears for Fears song.  I thought about pasting the lyrics here, but they don’t really resonate fully.  The title sure does, though.

A couple of years ago I took my children to a seed sowing ceremony at a biodynamic farm.  It was a lovely event at a picturesque little family farm.  There were songs and blessings, a visit from Lady Spring.  And, after the farmers sprinkled the field with biodynamic treatment, we each got a little paper bag with seeds in it and we walked the field, sowing the seeds.  Just like they used to do.

The gesture you use when you sow seeds by hand originates at the belly, moves up the midline and forward and gracefully arcs outward and upward.   The seeds then fly off your fingertips and scatter all around.

You can picture the beauty and grace of this.  You might be reminded of a flower girl, scattering flower petals before the bride’s entrance.

My Anthroposophy teacher talked about this gesture one day.  She said how therapeutic it can be.  She gestured it again and again.  We began to feel the depth of the motion — the outward motion of spreading good.  Kindness, love, help, wisdom, healing, friendship, community.  She gestured that our eyes and face follow our hands — our gaze and perspective moves outward and upward.  We can find ourselves expanding.  We can find ourselves in joyful service.

In contrast, she said, when we’re at the grocery store or at Target, we’ve got the opposite gesture.  That one of materialism and maybe even greed and self-centeredness.  We draw things toward us and drop them in our basket.  We gather, we take, we consume.  It’s about us, us, us.

It’s nice sometimes to make it about others, others, others.  It’s nice to share the best of ourselves.  To cast the seeds of our growth and potential out onto the breeze and into the fertile, prepared soil.

There’s a parable in the Bible that talks about the sown seeds landing some on the rocky path, some among weeds and some onto the fertile soil.

Yes, we don’t know what will come of the seeds of love that we sow.  Maybe we don’t need to.  Maybe it’s got nothing to do with us.  Maybe it’s just our place in the cycle of things.

Don’t let that not-knowing stop you from putting yourself out there.

Last season’s harvest produced this season’s seeds. What do you have that you can share?  What wisdom or ability has come to fruition for you?  What fruits of yourself have you harvested for your own use and are now ready to plant in the broader fields?

Remember that next season, someone will sow seeds that you may harvest.  After all, the wheel of life keeps turning.  Take your place.  Sow your seeds of love around you.

Bring those seeds of potential up from your creative central core, forward of your heart center and send them scattering in the space before you.  Follow them with your eyes and with your mind — blessing them as they find their place in the prepared soil.

. . . sowing the seeds of love, seeds of love . . .  sowing the seeds of love . . .


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