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Hi, friends!  Ooh, it’s a beautiful day in Memphis today!  In a little while I’m going to take a walk outside and enjoy the colors, sounds and scents of nature.

At the moment, though, I’m posting this because I’m putting off an unpleasant task — cleaning up an accident my dog made.    When I returned home from my workout earlier I noticed it and for now I closed the door on it.  But, I have to deal with it soon.

I admit it — these kinds of things irritate me.  They’re not part of my “plan” for the day . . .  I don’t prefer to deal with this.

From a law of attraction point of view, I know that I drew this to myself for some reason — I’ll figure that out later.  And, I know it’s a chance for me to notice the contrast, in other words:  those things I don’t want, so I can focus my mind on what I do want.

A quick attempt at an affirmation around this could be something like, “Keeping my home clean and tidy is easy and effortless for me.  I enjoy a clean, tidy home.”  Yes, I’ll work on that . . .

Have any of you noticed a heaviness lately?  I really have.  It’s an energetic heaviness that’s been with me for the last couple of days.  Some of my colleagues are mentioning it and so are a couple of clients.  Things are coming up to be addressed.  For some people those are fears, for others it’s heavy, intense emotions and for others it’s disappointments and judgments.

For me it’s been a sort of constant irritation with situations, which I don’t usually experience.  Lately, I’ve been able to stay energetically neutral and separate from unpleasant people and attitudes, allowing them to be there and not to affect me at all.  But these last few days, I confess, I’m getting drawn into some sort of drama or general negativity.  Ick!

I invite you to join me in energetically correcting these things — if you choose to join me, you can receive these Yuen corrections.  Just hold the intention of receiving them and say to yourself, “Correct as Laura would.”

Here’s what I’m working for myself:

Negative energy in and out

Psychic energy in and out

Optimism / not optimism

Pessimism / not pessimism

Judgment of God/self/other  /  not judgment of God/self/other

Balanced / centered / stable

Separate / independent / empty / energy

Laura’s energy = Laura’s energy (substitute your name here)

All closings

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

There!  I feel tons better — I hope you do too.

Some of us are becoming increasingly sensitive to negative energies and it’s easy for us to pick them up, like sponges.  Hold the intention that you remain separate from those things that you don’t like.  Another way of looking at that is to ask your angels to put up a shield for you so that only love moves between you and other people and situations  — and the negative energy stays out.

There’s no need to judge the negative energy (that would mean that it still triggers you, so there’s more work to do on it) — we just let it pass by us without affecting us.  It really is possible.

Okay, friends.  I’m off to take on the unpleasant task.  “It’s easy and effortless for me to keep a clean and tidy home.  I enjoy — find joy in — a clean and tidy (and good-smelling) home.”

What’s your affirmation for today?  Whatever it is, I join you in it.

Love to you all!


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