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Hi, friends.  Well, most of you are aware that there is a significant solar eclipse happening tonight.  It’s not being seen here in the US — it can be seen in parts of India and other places in Asia — but many of us can feel it.

If you’re really into astrology and some other philosophies, you may have some very strong thoughts on the meaning of this celestial event.  I’ve heard some thoughts on it and am holding them all with passive interest.

If you’re not really into astrology and those other philosophies, what should you make of the longest solar eclipse in a long, long time?

Looking at it symbolically, at a basic level.  This is an unusually long period of transitory darkness.  It’s interesting and special.

Is there another part of your life that is in transition and feeling dark?  Do you feel like where there once was clarity and ease there no longer is?

The best thing to do is to remain aware of the constant shifting and evolution of situations and to remain focused steadfastly on your inner light and your desired outcome.  Allow the moon within to pass in front of your sun within knowing that this is a temporary arrangement and that the sun will shine out as brightly as before, very soon.

I spoke once with a client about the dark phase of the moon.  Often we associate darkness with fear and lack of knowing, but there were cultures in the past who revered the dark phase of the moon.  They gained strength from it.  They rejuvenated themselves during it.  It can be a time of introspection rather than action.  It can be a time of quiet solitude versus social interaction.

In the end, friends, what does the solar eclipse feel like it means to you?  Is this significant to you?  If so, become aware of why you feel that way — what can you learn from this or gain from this event.  If it doesn’t feel significant to you, then just let it pass.

Regardless of what you do around this event, please continue to travel your path of love, forgiveness, awareness and inner light.  That’s all that matters in the end.


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