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Blessings today!

In yoga today my teacher was talking about compost — you know, like one of my earlier posts.  How we can begin to see those less-than-lovely aspects of life as fertile soil for new growth.  I was pretty into my own inner practice, so I missed a lot of the details of her words, but the meaning got all the way in.

I’ve got another garden-ish topic:  weeding.  I’ve always kind of liked weeding.  I like how it makes the garden look tidy when you’re done.  I like how you’re able to discern what’s to keep and what’s to go.  I like how it feels to get my hands dirty and have something to show for my effort.  (Not so crazy about my aching fingernails and having to weed again next week, but, oh well . . .)

A train of thought came to me today about weeding.  This weekend I was weeding some grass from my flowerbeds in the backyard and it was a multi-stepped process.  I had to move the mulch out of the way.  Then pull the grass.  But the grass we have here in Memphis grows by runners, so as you go to pull out some of it, you’re immediately confronted with an offshoot.  And, the root systems are pretty tough.

So, I found myself working pretty hard to remove a little section of grass, about 4 feet x 4 feet.  I had to uncover the source by moving the coverings out of the way.  Then I dug to the roots.  Then I tugged them up.  Then there was another root system right next to that one and I tugged it up.  Then the runners — all the inter-connected runners.  I dug those up.  It was a lot of work.

That’s how my energy work goes too.  Sometimes it’s pretty straight-forward and easy — you just clear out the easy top layers and pull out the little weed.  But, other times, you’ve got to do some digging.  The roots can be stubborn (that would be the layers of resistance we encounter).  Sometimes you think you’re dealing with one thing and you find that it’s another thing altogether.  One things leads to another and pretty soon you’re digging all over the place.  Sometimes you’re not sure if it’s the same issue you began with.  But in the end, when all the digging and uprooting is done, the space is clean and clear.  Tidy and lovely.  Ahhhh.

Then there are times when we hit a rock and we can’t get to the roots of the matter unless we unearth the rock!  Now, don’t worry.  Even though the rock seems so heavy, so solid, so unmovable, it’s really just another layer.  So, we tip over the rock.  There, underneath is another system of roots to be dug up.  Not so bad, especially if the rock had been in a sunny place.  You pull out those weeds and put the place in order again.

But, I’m sorry to say that there are some rocks that are in the damp, shady spots and they’ve got some pretty repulsive critters living under them!  Like hundreds of little ants who need to move their hundreds of little eggs.  Or that creepy crawly orange thing with a hundred legs who’s scurrying around trying to find some other rock to crawl under.

Yep, there are those kinds of layers . . .  Again, no problem.  We just correct for all of that repulsiveness too.  We just get neutral, neutral, neutral.  We just weed, weed, weed.  We clean up the place and leave it nice and tidy.

[wiping the dirt off my hands]

Sending blessings on your weeding task.  Surrounding you with the clarity to know what needs to go and what needs to stay.  Surrounding you with the strength to pull it all up by the roots.  Surrounding you with the courage to lift up the rocks, no matter what might be living under them.

Holding the vision that when you’re done, your garden is beautiful — just as you truly are.


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