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Hello, friends!  Angel blessings to you all!

I’m back from spring break with my family and we had so much fun.  We went to sunny — and I mean sunny — Florida, where we spent a few days at the beach and a few days in Orlando.  We had so much fun.

I was still getting over that flu-like thing (whatever it was), which was manifesting itself in an ugly cough.  Other than that I felt vibrant and expectant.

Being at the beach is one of my favorite things.  The sound and sight of the waves lulls me into a sweet, light meditative state.  I lift out of myself and begin to see everything around me with more light and love.  My children playing in the waves and in the sand suddenly become the most beautiful images.  I notice the details of the sand and the expanses of the sky and sea more fully.  The in and out motion of the waves touch my inner breath and the beat of my heart and the flow of my blood.  I can feel the life of the shell fragments that scatter the sand.

I am more of myself.

We began and ended our Florida vacation with trips to the beach.  At one end, the ocean.  At the other, the gulf.  Two different personalities, two different texture.  Both lovely.

In between we were in the mix of all sorts of crowds.  Thousands of people.  It’s sort of invigorating in its own way.  (As long as you stay energetically separate from the thousands of personalities and perspectives . . .  which, I always prepare for.)

Angels surrounded me each day of those busy, touristy days.  One day, my husband lost our new digital camera on one of the rides.  As I went through the line to see if I could find it, the man loading people onto the ride was holding our camera!  When he handed it to me, smiling, I noticed that his name was Angel.  Of course it was!

The next day, the man checking our bags in the security line was named Raphael — a sign that I’d need to do some healing on myself later that day (I had some strange breathing issue come up).  Raphael is the archangel of healing — his color is green and is always at hand to assist with our physical and non-physical healing.

We had a number of other delightful little surprises pop up during our trip.  I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt that had angel wings silk-screened on the back.  How cute!  And, a nice reminder that our angels walk with us even at amusement parks.

In the end, I return home feeling rejuvenated and optimistic.  Some trees are in bloom here in Memphis, and spring in the mid-south is very pretty.

I’m emerging from a series of ego tests, as I wrote last.  It’s felt a little like cross country or track practice.  I keep running the distance and another assignment shows up the next day.  But, I’m gaining strength and I’m creating endurance for myself and that feels good!

Sending love and blessings of joy and endurance for all of you.  Remember that angels surround us always — look for them!  They love us and guide us and bring us our best selves.

Happy spring!


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