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Hi, everyone!  Sending waves of love and light out to you all.  I did healing and angel sessions last night at the Reiki circle at The Sanctuary, and as usual after that, my vibration is very high and I’m sharing that with you.  Thanks to everyone who signed up for a session with me — you are all magnificent souls.

Today the angels want to talk about worthiness.  Almost all of us have issues of some sort around worthiness.  Often it’s issues of feeling worthy of love — receiving love from God, ourselves and from other people.  There are important archetypes that come into play here as well — mother, father, child, friend, boss, employee.  How do we feel about giving and  receiving love from this group of people?  How do we feel about loving ourselves?

When I’m doing a healing session and this comes up — the angels telling us to love ourselves more fully — I begin to check in with Yuen on lots of different layers.

How is your energy to the word “love” itself?  The concept of love, the concept of not-love.  Is there a selfishness piece when you think of receiving love or not receiving love?  Do you feel like if you receive love you take it away from someone else?  Were there times that you did not love with a pure heart?  Or loved too much and were hurt?  Or hurt someone else?  There would be forgiveness issues and memories to correct for.  Remember that I check your energy around these questions — and our energy often doesn’t match our conscious beliefs . . .

Feeling love from God and the angels can bring up additional issues for people.  Although most of us would consciously say that we love God and we know that God loves us, in reality, our energy doesn’t always support that.  The angels show me an image of someone standing there, face-to-face with God, looking God in the eyes.  How does that image make you feel?  Could you stand in God’s presence and give love purely and receive love purely?

Most of us would like to think we could, but probably couldn’t.  (In fact as I write this I can feel the intimidation that is out there . . .)

Here’s where guilt and worthiness comes into play.  Many of us hold some guilt about “sins” and our pasts that keep us from being able to look God in the eyes and receive love.  Can we accept the idea that maybe God loves us unconditionally even if we feel some guilt?  That God wants to embrace us even if we aren’t proud of ourselves for each thing we’ve done and said?

Can we forgive ourselves like God has forgiven us?  Can we heal these things within ourselves and open our hearts so that we can love and receive love without something clogging the works?

The angels want to help you with letting these feelings go.  Letting the past go.  They can gather up all that icky, sticky stuff and rise up to the light of heaven with it where it can be transmuted into clear, loving energy that falls gently back to earth like a scattering of flower petals.

The primary relationship we must attend to is ours with our Creator — use whatever word or image you like best:  God, Higher Source, Higher Self, Universal Source Energy.  Nurture your ability to snuggle in close with God and all the rest of your earthly relationships will begin to ease up.  Fluidity in communication and the back-and-forth flow of love, acceptance and forgiveness will begin to appear.  You will be so filled with God love that earth love will be sweeter.

Don’t be worried about expressing anything “negative” or “impolite” to God.  The angels assure you (and I can attest to this myself) that in bringing your complaints to God, you open up the healing pathways.  By telling God that you blame God for something and that you’re mad about it gives God a chance to love you and tell you what is so.  That leads to faster healing and a closer relationship.  You won’t shock God.  God knows it all already!

It’s a simple idea — this nurturing your relationship with God, but it’s not easy.  There are lots of layers there to work through and encounter.  Certainly there are more facets to this than a little blog post can cover, but the point is to invite you to begin or continue on this path — and to encourage you that only good will come of it, even it there are painful spots along the way.

Your angels will take you by the hand through the dark patches and lead you onward toward the light.

You are worthy of being loved — that is your true nature.  What you were created to be.  Blessings today!


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