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Hello!  Ooooh, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  As I wrote in one of my earlier posts, I’m taking on yoga teacher training right now.  I’m more than half way through and it’s been such a wonderful, heart and mind-opening journey for me.

Friends, there is *always* something to learn.  We are *never* done.  Never.

So . . . 

Happy New Year, dear ones!  Happy newness!  Happy starts!  Happy finishes!  Happy everything!

This is your year — this is it.  This is your life.  Step boldly and move forward this year!

I’m surrounding my little website and blog with a grid of light, love and peace and if you enter here it is yours for the taking.  Breathe deeply and feel connected to the infinite wisdom and love of the highest sources.  Feel a circle of angels and ascended masters smiling down their love onto your beautiful, up-turned face.  You are loved, accepted and unconditionally forgiven (they tell me emmphatically that there is nothing to forgive, dear ones.  There is nothing left to forgive — it’s already done.)  Accept your place in the grid of love and light.  Find your spot — own it and live it.

Let love and light shine out from your heart chakra, through your eyes, through your touch and through your footprints.  Be like good King Wenceslas — providing heat in your very footsteps to provide comfort and warmth to those who follow behind you.

I’ve decided that in these last few months of yoga training, I’m going to post little FaceBook-like status updates on my blog.  It’s not as complete as a regular blog entry, but it’s better than leaving months of silence . . .

With a tidal wave of love to you all!  Blessings on this new year!


“The senses’ might grows strong

United with the gods’ creative work;

It presses down my power of thinking

Into a dreamlike dullness.

When godly being

Desires union with my soul,

Must human thinking

In quiet dream-life rest content.”

— Rudolf Steiner, The Calendar of the Soul, translated from the German by Ruth and Hans Pusch

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Mmmmmmm . . .

Just soaking this little number in . . .

Calling you to allow your mental thoughts to go into a sweet little rest while allowing your senses to heighten, your intuition to blossom.

Definitely a call to meditation.  How about meditating in a sunbeam?  How about in a moonbeam?  How about in front of a campfire?  Or while gazing at a candle?  Or while petting the cat?  Or rocking a baby?  Or running your fingers through the grass?  Or someone’s hair?  Or while floating in the pool?  Or the bathtub?  Or while scrunching your toes in the sand?  Or squishing your fingers in a ball of wet clay?

How can you begin to move into feeling-ness instead of thinking-ness?

Mmmmm . . .  Of course, I choose yoga!  🙂

Set aside thinking for a little bit and begin to feel all there is to feel.

Blessings today!

In yoga today my teacher was talking about compost — you know, like one of my earlier posts.  How we can begin to see those less-than-lovely aspects of life as fertile soil for new growth.  I was pretty into my own inner practice, so I missed a lot of the details of her words, but the meaning got all the way in.

I’ve got another garden-ish topic:  weeding.  I’ve always kind of liked weeding.  I like how it makes the garden look tidy when you’re done.  I like how you’re able to discern what’s to keep and what’s to go.  I like how it feels to get my hands dirty and have something to show for my effort.  (Not so crazy about my aching fingernails and having to weed again next week, but, oh well . . .)

A train of thought came to me today about weeding.  This weekend I was weeding some grass from my flowerbeds in the backyard and it was a multi-stepped process.  I had to move the mulch out of the way.  Then pull the grass.  But the grass we have here in Memphis grows by runners, so as you go to pull out some of it, you’re immediately confronted with an offshoot.  And, the root systems are pretty tough.

So, I found myself working pretty hard to remove a little section of grass, about 4 feet x 4 feet.  I had to uncover the source by moving the coverings out of the way.  Then I dug to the roots.  Then I tugged them up.  Then there was another root system right next to that one and I tugged it up.  Then the runners — all the inter-connected runners.  I dug those up.  It was a lot of work.

That’s how my energy work goes too.  Sometimes it’s pretty straight-forward and easy — you just clear out the easy top layers and pull out the little weed.  But, other times, you’ve got to do some digging.  The roots can be stubborn (that would be the layers of resistance we encounter).  Sometimes you think you’re dealing with one thing and you find that it’s another thing altogether.  One things leads to another and pretty soon you’re digging all over the place.  Sometimes you’re not sure if it’s the same issue you began with.  But in the end, when all the digging and uprooting is done, the space is clean and clear.  Tidy and lovely.  Ahhhh.

Then there are times when we hit a rock and we can’t get to the roots of the matter unless we unearth the rock!  Now, don’t worry.  Even though the rock seems so heavy, so solid, so unmovable, it’s really just another layer.  So, we tip over the rock.  There, underneath is another system of roots to be dug up.  Not so bad, especially if the rock had been in a sunny place.  You pull out those weeds and put the place in order again.

But, I’m sorry to say that there are some rocks that are in the damp, shady spots and they’ve got some pretty repulsive critters living under them!  Like hundreds of little ants who need to move their hundreds of little eggs.  Or that creepy crawly orange thing with a hundred legs who’s scurrying around trying to find some other rock to crawl under.

Yep, there are those kinds of layers . . .  Again, no problem.  We just correct for all of that repulsiveness too.  We just get neutral, neutral, neutral.  We just weed, weed, weed.  We clean up the place and leave it nice and tidy.

[wiping the dirt off my hands]

Sending blessings on your weeding task.  Surrounding you with the clarity to know what needs to go and what needs to stay.  Surrounding you with the strength to pull it all up by the roots.  Surrounding you with the courage to lift up the rocks, no matter what might be living under them.

Holding the vision that when you’re done, your garden is beautiful — just as you truly are.

Hi, friends!

For any of you who read my last post, remember I said I’d get around to figuring out why I drew to me that unpleasant task of cleaning up my dog’s accident?

Well I did.  It was a message to myself that I’ve been surrounded by other people’s s**t lately.  Um hmmm.  Got it.  Point taken, Self.

So, I cleaned this mess up, but in general, I’ll let others handle their own messes.  Unless they ask for my help and then I will be honored to assist — while remaining energetically neutral, that is.

You know, it’s funny.  I was sort of getting it along the way . . .  I knew I wasn’t feeling great, physically or psychically.  I knew I was feeling energetically heavy — I did the clearing the other day (and I did some venting to a couple of friends and my dear husband).

But what a clear, unavoidable, smelly, messy, spot-on message the accident was!

You’ve gotta love it!  There’s brilliance there . . .

[My angels are standing around clapping and nodding at me for putting it all together for myself . . .  Thanks, angels!]

Okay, so I’m sitting here doing the “final analysis” on the dog s**t thing.  One part of me says, don’t leave people locked in the laundry room and stuff like this won’t happen . . .  no, that’s not quite it . . .

The angels tell me not to get drawn into other people’s dramas.  Stay separate from them.  Let other people learn as they’ll learn and if they ask for guidance, I’ll be glad to help.  Otherwise let them be.  Stay energetic separate.  Certainly, don’t follow people down the vibrational ladder — that’s not a bit helpful to me or to them.

Stay vibrationally uplifted by being in nature, by meditating, staying grounded (for me this often means vigorous yoga or dance) and consciously looking at the light and love that is inherently present in each person.

I confess I let myself forget that inherent light and love with a couple of people:  a snitty receptionist, a couple of Memphis drivers and a couple of other people.  A good reminder — I make my way back to A Course In Miracles work.  I will forgive myself and I will forgive them.  I will let go of the need to blame and to separate myself.  I will forgive the momentary lapse into dark seeing.

Welcome back light seeing!  Welcome back clarity and love!  Welcome back, Self!

Spreading the light of awareness!  Blessings of that light to you too!

Okay, I suspect this will happen quite often on my blog.  The angels are calling me to add to my last post about finding your counter-pose.

They want to add some depth around what I wrote about shavasana.  Shavasana is more than just a relaxation pose — a total surrender to the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of the yoga practice.  In Sanskrit shavasana means “corpse pose”.

The angels want to remind us of that.  There are times of death.  There are big, massive deaths and there are mini deaths.  We experience them both within our lifetimes.

Right now there are many deaths happening — deaths of old ways of thinking.  Deaths of expectations.  Deaths of plans.  Deaths of companies and maybe even industries.

It may be a time of grieving the loss of the old — and it’s okay to do a bit of grieving.  That can be a very powerful and healing send-off.  (Try not to over-grieve, though; that can be an energetic sink-hole.)  Just as in shavasana, find a comfortable position and ease into the *feeling* of the death.  Let it swallow you up just like sinking into a warm bath.  It doesn’t have to be scary — you *can* welcome it.  Cry, wail, lament — whatever comes up, comes up.

But, please realize, the angels tell you, that rebirth is coming.  Spring is coming.  Those things that have died will be the composting material for the new.  It is the nature of things.  The turning of the wheel.  There is nothing to fear when a tulip dies out for the remainder of the summer and into the fall and winter.  Because you *know* that in the spring a beautiful flower will emerge again in its place.

The same is true for these things that are dying around us and within us.  Let’s send off those things — yes, maybe with a bit of grief and sadness — and sit in the quiet, still place of waiting and trusting.  Because, dear friends, rebirth is coming to us all!

The spirit remains even if the form is changed.  Surrender to the cycle, try not to control the outcome and be delighted by what spring brings to you.  It *will* be lovely.  It *will* be fragrant.

Focus on the new growth and not on the compost.  Appreciate the purpose of the compost — and of the death.

A yoga message from the angels!

Today the angels showed me a picture of how our economy, our culture, our society are in a yoga inversion pose — literally on their heads.  Many of us can feel that too.  Lots of pressure on our shoulders and on our heads.  Many of us are completely absorbed by thoughts, worries, fears of the future.

Things as we’ve known them are turned upside down.  Our plans for the future . . . changed.  Our financial situation . . . changed.  Our career outlook . . . changed.  Our relationships . . . changed.  Where we used to feel a solid footing is now not there, or it’s pretty shaky and uncertain. 

I love yoga.  I do yoga several times a week.  And, I love inversions.  Headstand, shoulder stand, handstand . . . all of them.   They’re exciting and exhilarating!  It feels like I’m a kid again, goofing around and just hanging there in the air.  I love the feeling!  It’s so cool.

What do my yoga teachers say about inversions?  The blood gets a chance to flow a different way, bringing fresh blood to the internal organs and removing toxins in the process.  You get a chance to see your life from a completely different perspective.

The angels encourage us to see our current situations in this light.  It’s a chance to challenge gravity in our lives.  To find a new way to balance.  A new way to experience the view.  It’s a time to detoxify — removing those unnecessary aspects of our lives and concentrating on bringing purity to the forefront.

The counter-posture to many of the yoga inversions is child’s pose — lovely surrender.  The angels guide us to find our child-self right now.  To look for the joy of simplicity.  To trust without knowing what the future brings.  To sit in the backseat instead of the driver’s seat.  To not worry about the future.  Trust that the universe will right these inversions and that you’re cared for in the process.  Surrender to your highest, wisest self — your connection with the Creator of all.

Often in a yoga class, the inversions are at the end of class, just before final relaxation (shavasana) pose.  The angels invite you to find yourself in relaxation mode.  Find your center, your peace, your meditation.  Give yourself a much-needed rest for a little while.  Relax your body.  Relax your mind.  Relax your spirit.  You deserve some quiet — so enjoy it!

Remember that you are loved!  Practice some yoga today — spiritual, mental or physical yoga.  It’s all good. 

Namaste, friends . . .

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